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Starboard Foil Masts Evolution 2022

Starboard Foil Masts Evolution 2022

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Three new grades of carbon - 

C300 : The standard high modulus pre-impregnated carbon construction used on all Starboard foils carbon wings and carbon masts since the Original generation.

C400 : The new ultra-high modulus carbon construction first used on the iQFoil mast. This ultra-high modulus carbon spec increases stiffness for more control and maximum performance. 
C600 : The ultimate carbon spec. Exotic, exclusive, expensive. A limited run of masts from the 95cm 87° mold and the new 90cm 90° mold were built to the C600 spec. The ultimate in stability, control, power and performance. Available exclusively as an upgrade part. 
NEW 90° Mast : adds power to your foil by shifting the wings and fuselage 5cm further forward.

Carbon 95 90° DT C600

Carbon 95 87° DT C600


Carbon iQFoil 95

Carbon 95 90° DT C400

Carbon 95 87° DT C300

Carbon 85 87° DT C300


Aluminium 95 DT V5

Aluminium 85 DT V5

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