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  Doing Watersports in winter defiantly requires a wetsuit, but have you seen our other Neoprene Warm Accessories !   

Why do I need winter accessories? When diving into winter water sports, ensuring you keep warm and comfortable becomes paramount. The advantages are plenty: extended 'playtime' out/ in the chilly waters, honing skills effectively, and a seamless focus on your favourite sports without the distraction of the biting cold.  ...

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 What helmet should you wear on the water? - Poole Harbour Watersports

Participating in sports on the water comes with high risks and crashes too so it is vital that a helmet is worn to protect your head. 

We go through the features of different helmets and help you find the right helmet for your sport and level. 

What use is a helmet? Helmets are designed to absorb and dissipate the force of impacts, reducing the risk of head injuries in case of collisions with hard surfaces, objects, or other participants. So why should you wear one in the water? You may think crashing into water may be...

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 WHICH IMPACT VEST - POOLE HARBOUR WATERSPORTS Wearing an impact vest not only provides buoyancy in the water, but upon impact with the water at speed, it protects your torso area from any added injury or bruising. Find the perfect one for the sport and activity you are doing on the water!

Which Impact Vest is suitable for each sport? Foiling in any kind of sport, whether windsurfing, winging, kitesurfing or sailing can come with risks to your safety with some big, heavy crashes involved from time to time. As such, especially when competing, appropriate personal protective equipment is required such as a...

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