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 What is downwind foiling? - Poole Harbour Watersports

Downwind foiling may be something you have heard about but are you not quite sure what it is and if it is for you?

Take a read of how downwind boards are different to your normal foil board, and why we reckon everyone will have one soon!

What is a downwind foil board? Downwinding is the latest trend in foiling, gaining popularity among foiling enthusiasts. Downwind foil boards enable riders to get out on the water in light winds and smaller waves, perfect for sup foiling, wing foiling, or pump/downwind foiling.   Why has it become so popular?...

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 Kit List to Start Wing Foiling - Poole Harbour Watersports

Entering the world of wing foiling can be daunting with so much on the market and new developments all the time. 

We have made a simple kit-list of what you need to start wing foiling, with extra tips on sizing too!

How to start wing foiling? As the sport of wingfoiling continues to develop with each season, for those of us that are just entering this world, it can be pretty confusing to understand what a ‘newcomer to wingfoiling’ actually needs! We hope to break this down for you and make...

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Wing Foiling has taken the market by storm and we have put together a list of the best wings we have found for all styles of wing foiling for 2024.




Our Best Wing Foiling Wings Since the introduction of winging and wing foiling to the watersports world in 2019, there has been many adaptations and updates to the equipment as we all progress. The wings themselves have developed to be designed for certain styles of riding such as beginner and...

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