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In 1978, John Richardson and his wife Maggie (Maggie was also on 2021 Great British Bake Off), set up ‘Poole Harbour Boardsailing’ across the other side of the harbour at Hamworthy Docks. In a warehouse unit, Poole Harbour Boardsailing only started off selling windsurfing equipment and wetsuits.

In the 1980s, Poole Harbour Boardsailing moved to Salterns Marina. The instant water access meant that the shop could provide demos of kit easily and was more interested in the racing scene. From this location, Poole Harbour Boardsailing became famous (albeit maybe locally) for the Round Brownsea Island Race.

Poole Harbour Boardsailing Salterns

The final move in 1990 was to our location now, 286 Sandbanks Road, in the centre of a great strip of local, versatile shops and the last stop before the beach only 2 minutes away. 

Poole Harbour Watersports Salterns Court - Story

Come July 1993, the start of our next chapter begins as Chris buys the shop! In earlier years, Chris had even done some work with John and Maggie when they were at Salterns! The school centre also adjoined to the shop was also still running at the harbour. We were only 1 of 2 tuition centres at that time!

Poole Harbour Watersports School

Around 1994, Chris buys the shop next door which was previously clothes shop, Siesta, and construction becomes underway to join them together into the shop that we all know and love today.

Poole Harbour Watersports Story

The start of the new millennium also bring about a new name for the business, in 2000, ‘Poole Harbour Watersports’ is officially born. With the growth of the shop into more than just boards and sails, it was time for a little rebranding. From the 2000s onwards the shop sees the introduction of all new sports and toys such as kayaking, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and eventually paddleboarding, foiling and winging – to think what was in the shop before all of this extra kit we know of today!

Poole Harbour Watersports shop Poole Harbour Watersports Shop Poole Harbour Watersports Shop

2020 onwards – although COVID lockdown was pretty tough, we couldn’t predict the boom in interest of outdoor activities and watersport activities in the summer and years to follow. It was amazing to see so many of us all embracing the lovely weather and getting active on the water!

Poole Harbour Watersports Shop

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