You may be wondering what to do if you are losing balance and about to fall off a SUP, or how do I get back on the board if I have fallen off?

You may respond to the above thinking “I never fall” or a one I’ve heard before, “I haven’t fallen in two years!”. However, even the best fall off sometimes!

So, for those inevitable times when you do lose your balance:

  • How to fall off a SUP: Try to fall away from the board and flat against the water. Don’t do a dive or go feet first as you may hit the ocean floor, and it is painful! HOLD ON TO THE PADDLE! Dropping the paddle is a common mistake and it may drift away or sink to the floor.

  • How to get back on: While treading water alongside your board, grab the carry handle with one hand and pull yourself up until you can reach the opposite rail. Then kick hard and pull yourself on. Be careful to not flip the board as well, in deep water it is difficult to get it back to the right side up.

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