Equipment Demo Terms and Conditions

Demo Terms and Conditions

Poole Harbour Watersports can provide the Products on a purchase or lease basis to be used in customer demonstrations and pilot programs as part of the marketing / sales process and customer evaluation.


  1. Poole Harbour Watersports offers free demo equipment in a set with limited number of consumables for a period of up to 2 weeks, commencing on the date the equipment is delivered to the recipient.
  2. The recipient agrees to pay for the shipping cost for delivery and for returning the equipment.
  3. The equipment must be returned in the condition it was supplied (free of defects and clean), with all components intact (i.e. the fin, the bolt and the footstraps for the demo of a windsurf board).
  4. In the event the equipment is damaged or lost during the trial period, the recipient is responsible for reimbursing the supplier for the cost according to the supplier’s price list.
  5. During the trial period, the equipment remains the property of the supplier.
  6. The recipient shall not authorize any third party repair or service and shall not lend, assign or transfer the equipment during the trial period.
  7. The supplier guarantees the equipment against production faults and malfunctioning for the entire period from the date of supply.
  8. The supplier guarantee does not cover neglect, abuse or misuse of the equipment, any damage caused by direct or indirect mishandling, transit from the recipient premises, modification, loss and/or damage.
  9. If the equipment is in possession of the recipient over the 2 week period without prior agreement rental charges may apply.


Prior to demo of equipment, the below form will need to be filled out.


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