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This MXT extension requires Neilprydes MXT base and will not fit a standard pin uj. Linked below:


Used by most sailors on the PWA TOUR, the Mono-Button Mast Base and Extension System (MXT) has been designed to offer a secure, heavy duty connection and ease of operation. The MXT Extensions are fully integrated with stainless steel cleat/pulley bottom assemblies offering the best weight to stiffness ratio and creating very light but also very strong extensions. The weight has been reduced by eliminating all unnecessary plastic while increasing the cross-section of stainless steel parts for increased strength. This part can now withstand over 900kg of downhaul load – twice as much as used on the largest racing sails. The special geometry with tilt bottom pulley makes perfect sail pulley/rope alignment. This allows the sail to be downhauled all the way down (block-to-block) and it reduces downhauling friction.


LARGE MONO BUTTON - For a secure, heavy duty connection and ease of operation. Only compatible with Power-M Base.

STRONG INTEGRATED PULLEYS - Load carrying stainless caste structure - transfers load directly from the pulleys onto the extension tube without relying on any plastic components. Stainless pulleys for less friction and greater durability

SPECTRA ROPE - Endurance tested highest grade rope for best performance, reduced friction and longevity.

ROPE CLEAT - The rope cleat is integrated into the stainless caste structure and is perfectly aligned with pulleys for streamlined profile, maximum strength and reduced friction of lines.

TACK SLOT - To keep the tack webbing in place

CLAMSHELL ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM - Easy, user friendly operation in all temperatures. • Heavy duty stainless steel construction - designed to sustain high loads. • Positive engagement - completely unaffected by sand. • Increased tube strength due to the absence of any grooves.

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