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STX inflatable Windsurf Package

STX inflatable Windsurf Package

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note stock is not live and in high demand - please call before buying. 



This is the perfect windsurfing package whether you are a complete beginner, or more intermediate and want to store your kit more compactly but still get planing performance. 

Save more than 20% buying as a package!


1. The Board - STX iWindsurf Board

Two options 250 or 280.


Length : 250cm

Width : 83.6cm

Thickness: 15cm

Volume: 230 litres

Weight: 9.85 kg


Length: 285cm

Width: 95cm

Thickness: 15cm

Volume: 330L

Weight: 11.2 kg


STX strive to make the sports that they are passionate about accessible for all. Premium quality products are sourced from the world’s leading suppliers, offering a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing range that caters to every level. STX combine careful attention to detail and utilize superior technology. This dedication has ensured STX’s continued and a steady growth on every continent. In short, STX offer a great collection that is both affordable and promises quality.

The perfect board from beginner till advanced riders. Learn to windsurf and start planing on the same board. Extra middle-fin for upwind performance and stability for beginners. Hard rails for extra easy gliding.


  • Windsurfing only
  • Stable
  • Low drag
  • Wide outline
  • High rigidity
  • Mast insert for sailing
  • Center fin for lateral resistance
  • 8″thick

This package comes with the board, pump, repair kit and bag so that you are ready and equipped for getting on the water!


2. The Rig: Various styles for each size available. 


Rigs for the very young, the experienced but also the intermediate windsurfer; made out of monofilm with reinforcement panels out of Dacron. 


  • Sail monofilm and dacron
  • Lightweight 2 piece epoxy mast 
  • 3 glass batten sail. 
  • Easy to mount vario boom
  • QR pin Adaptor to take normal mast foot 
  • Rig breaks down and fits into sailbag
  • Ropes and rigging.



Full Dacron rigs with a vinyl window, made to last The Dacron sail cloth material is long lasting and durable. All sails have three full length battens and a fixed colour. 


  • Dacron sail
  • 2 piece epoxy mast 
  • 3 glass batten sail. 
  • Easy to mount boom
  • Adaptor to take normal mast foot 
  • Rig breaks down and fits into sailbag
  • Ropes and rigging.


5.5 HD 2.0 RIG

The STX HD2 Rig is the perfect sail for the Windsurf 250/280 and inflatable SUP/WS boards. This package includes a well built 5-batten monofilm sail, two piece epoxy mast, adjustable alloy boom, HD Extension with adapter, all ropes you need and packed in a STX Rig bag. The perfect rig for the summertime windsurfer.


3. Knuckle base provided to attach your rig to your board. Knuckle joint due to the inflatable board. Without a knuckle joint your warranty is invalid due to the construction components of an inflatable board.


If you have any more questions about what size is right for you, we are happy to help on 01202 7000503 or; our LiveChat line is open too!
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