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WaveSport Scooter X

*note: stock is not live and moves fast - call us to check colours!   SCOOTER X There are sit-ons... and then there's the Scooter!   A ground breaking re-design...
£649.00 £579.00
Perception Screw Hatch Kit - Poole Harbour Watersports
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Perception Screw Hatch Kit

Stow a snack or other small items in a mesh bag and close the screw hatch to provide a reliable seal. This kit allows the hatch to be fitted where...
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Perception Kayak Triumph 13 Bailer Bungs

Self bailers quickly drain excess water away from the cockpit of your sit-on top kayak as soon as you get moving. For a dry ride on flat water, moulded bungs...
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WaveSport Scooter XT

*note: stock is not live and moves fast - call us to check colours!   SCOOTER XT A ground breaking re-design of the Scooter range brings the solo and tandem...
£799.00 £699.00
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Perception Triumph 13 2022

note: call us to see what colours are in stock!   TRIUMPH 13 The Triumph is a breath of fresh air to the sit-on-top world. Proving that performance is not...
£769.00 £699.00

Perception Kayak Expression 14

EXPRESSION FEATURES Perception Kayaks Expression 14 Zone DLX Seat System *Special Order: Replace Zone DLX backrest with Zone EXP backband Zone Leg Lifters Adjustable Padded Thigh Braces Adjustable Pedal Footrests...
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Perception Foam Molded Backrest

Extra support for your lower back. Highly recommended for longer periods on the water. Clips into accessory loops on kayak