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Naish Windsurf/ Wing HA Foil

Naish Windsurf/ Wing HA Foil

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 Note: due to ongoing production issues, some sizes may have a lead time on delivery, please check current stock with us 



With a unique outline and foil section compared to any other wing in the Naish range, the Wind/Wing HA 914 is fast and fluid. Its foil section is thinner than that on any other Naish wing, providing high-speed with fairly low lift for the size of its span. Requiring a relatively high take-off speed, the HA 914 is very stable once up to speed making it a fantastic wing-foil racing wing, windsurfing, or medium to large sized surf wing. Incredible upwind performance combined with an unsurpassed top speed makes the Wind/Wing HA 914 a fantastic powered-up wind foil option.



Hydrofoiling is a rapidly evolving sport and the Naish development team is always working hard to stay at the front edge of development. Over the past year, the biggest changes have been the universal acceptance of high aspect foils, and the expansion of the sport (especially winging) into the air with the inevitable hard landings and crashes. Both yield a dramatic increase in structural loading, so the Naish team took a thorough look at every aspect of our system.

Naish’s industry leading Indexed Scarf Joint (ISJ) is fully up to the task (unlike many other brands who have been forced to change their front wing connection), but our analysis suggested a comprehensive redesign of the mast/fuselage connection. Once we committed to a redesign, we also took the opportunity to improve functionality in areas beyond just increased strength.



•Increased strength and durability to match the new load models

•Kept weight to a bare minimum

•Improved ease of assembly by going to (2)X M8 screws instead of (3)X M6

•Integrated a corrosion barrier between the carbon and aluminum masts and the aluminum fuselage

Check out our blog on 'Updates to Naish Foils' for more guidance. 



  • Wind/ Wing HA 914 Front Wing
  • Stabilizer Jet HA 280
  • 95cm mast or 95cm Deep Tuttle mast
  • 80cm Fuselage or 95cm Fuselage (DT)
  • 5 x 20 mm Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws (Connects Wings to Fuselage) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant
  • 3 x 25 mm Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws (Connects Mast to Fuselage) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant
  • 4 x 25 mm Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws and 4 x M6 Tab (Connects Standard Plate to Board) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant
  • Foil Wing Covers and carry case




  •  Naish Aluminum Masts are Available as Direct Connect as well as Deep Tuttle and Abracadabra Connection Systems
  • Lightweight, Foam Filled Aircraft Grade, Triple Stringer Extruded Aluminum Mast with Bonded and Screwed Connections
  • 100% Pre-preg 3K High Gloss Carbon Fiber Front Wing and Stabilizer
  • CNC Precision Cut Lightweight Aluminum Fuselage with Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel M6 Helicoils for the Front Wing and Stabilizer Connection
  • Stainless Steel M6 Torx T30 Hardware for all Screwed Connections


Mast size - 95cm

Front Wing design - medium lift/ low Drag dihedral foil

Aspect ratio - 8.4

Front Wingspan - 34.3"/ 87.5cm

Projected Surface Area - 141.7in2/ 914cm2



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