Inflatable Windsurf boards are designed to give you the ability to get you on the plane and blasting like traditional windsurf boards, but with added convince of being able to pack them up.
Unfortunately not normally designed for standard SUPing

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STX inflatable Windsurf Package

note stock is not live and in high demand - please call before buying. First drop February. The Board: Length : 250cm Width : 83.6cm THickness: 15cm Volume: 250 litres...

Starboard Inflatable SUP Windsurfing 2021

Note: this is a product in high demand - please call before buying   THE SUP WINDSURFING INFLATABLE SUP and WINDSURF in ONE in a BAG     IT’S TIME...
Inflatable Windsurf BoardsSUP

Unifiber Experience iWindsurf 280 Inflatable Board

NOTE: Stock is limited and not live - please call before buying This inflatable board is dedicated to windsurfing. The large volume and extreme durability make it the ideal board...

STX iWindsurf Board 2022

NOTE: Due to high demand and production delays - please check before ordering for current stock - may be a pre order for some sizes.    iWINDSURF  250L - 250...
Inflatable Windsurf BoardsStarboard

Starboard Wingboard 10'4" 4in1 Inflatable SC

SUP – WINDSURF – WING SURF – WING PADDLING Ideal for those who want to learn to handle a FreeWing in the water without the use of a foil. The wide nose...
2022Inflatable Windsurf Boards

2022 Starboard Airplane

  INFLATABLE WINDSURF BOARD AIR IN THE BOARD – WIND IN THE SAIL   Double-layer, low-extension woven drop-stitch Fusion Welded technology adds stiffness, improves durability with a higher resistance to...

Starboard Airplane 2021

Note: stock is not live and this is a 2021 product - please call to check before buying   THE AIRPLANE -  AIR IN YOUR BOARD, WIND IN YOUR SAIL The...