Maximize portability and summer fun with these handy WindSUP rigs. Range of sizes and lightweight for beginners from kids to adults.

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Radz Base Cardan/Knuckle - Poole Harbour Watersports
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Radz Base Cardan/Knuckle

A must have piece of kit. Mechanical / knuckle connection for easier joining of rig and board in the water. Includes emergency webbing and 4 point twist base. Recommended for windsups
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STX Mini Kid Rig

*selected sizes in store now! Call to check!*  For the first steps in windsurfing or great family weekends; light, easy to pack, easy to rig and made out of high quality...
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STX Power HD Rig

MINI DACRON - SIZES 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 These rigs are made to last. Made out of Dacron sail cloth material which is long lasting and durable. 1.0 is...
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STX Power Kid Rig

*some sizes in store now!!  Call to check* Rigs for the very young, the experienced but also the intermediate windsurfer; made out of monofilm with reinforcement panels out of Dacron. ...
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Unifiber Wind SUP Dacron Rig

note: online exclusive - call to check stock   When you have an inflatable iSup or iWindurf board with windsurf option this super compact rig pack is your next toy...
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STX HD 2.0 complete Rig

note: stock is not live - call to check stock and lead time   HD20 MONOFILM RIG COMPLETE   The STX HD20 is the perfect sail for the Windsurf Tourer,...
Mistral Classic Complete Rig 5m - Poole Harbour Watersports
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Mistral Classic Complete Rig 5m

Within your 5.0m rigging bag, Mistral provide all you need to easily rig up and go, bringing a new element of fun and versatility to your original board purchased. Designed...
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Severne Convert Rig Package (RDM) 2022

Note: Due to high demand and production issues, please check current stock with us before purchase - some sizes may be available to pre order.    This RDM rig package...
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Starboard Compact Rig Package

Note: stock is in high demand and this is a 2023 product - please call before buying to check THE COMPACT RIG -  The compact version of the extra durable SUP...