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  How do you learn to surf when you live inland with no beaches close-by? As such, in this blog we are going to highlight how you can learn and not live near a beach 😊


How to Learn to Surf if You Don’t Live Near the Beach Surfing is a great sport and captures the hearts of many of us. Be filled with adrenaline as you pop up and catch each wave, from small to large, each and every one is exciting. The popularity of...

By India Hudson Read more
 In this blog I am going to talk about the risks when surfing in wildlife populated areas and how to stay safe when in the water. 

Surfing and the Wildlife Surfing is an inherently dangerous activity, which is why it gives such a thrill. Not only can you be eaten by sharks and impaled by surfboards, but you are playing amongst forces that can quite literally crush and drown you. Add a bunch of other surfers to...

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Knowing how and when to wax a surfboard can be hard. Read our blog to get an insight into waxing your surfboard, whether it is your first time or you need some tips. 


How do you wax a surfboard? Surfboard wax is vital to put and maintain on your surfboard as it provides grip and traction for your feet/shoes on your board and stops you slipping off or losing your foot position. From beginners to pros, everyone’s surfboard needs to be waxed so...

By India Hudson Read more
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