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JP Super Lightwind 2021

NOTE: 2021 is available but please call to check on sizes and constructions    SUPER LIGHTWIND - NO WIND FORCE This lightwind board will blow your mind as it gets going...

Fanatic Gecko Foil LTD 2021

   NOTE: this may be a pre order, give us a call to check current stock on 01202 700503   THE GECKO FOIL -LTD EDITION  FREERIDE SIZES: 135 Switch effortlessly between freeriding...

Severne Predator Foil Board 2022

NOTE: stock is not live and in high demand - please call to check availability and delivery dates   PREDATOR - FOIL STYLE   MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE. MAXIMUM STYLE. The Predator...
2022Foil Boards

JP HydroFoil SL 2022

Note: Please contact the shop for availability 1.Full-on foil slalom competition design 2.Super-fast, yet very controllable. Great for gybing. 3.More efficient and faster successor of the board that holds the...

Tabou Pocket Air 2021

NOTE: Stock is in high demand and this is a 2021 product - please call for more details     WING FOIL - COMPACT FOILING EXPERIENCE   The brand new platform...
2021Foil Boards

Severne 2021 Alien

NOTE:  As a 2021 product, this may be a pre order with a slight wait - call us to double check live stock!   ALIEN - FREERIDE FOIL 105 / 115 /...

F-One Papenoo PRO Convertible Foil Board

NOTE: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE The PAPENOO CONVERTIBLE offers versatility and performances with no compromises! It allows you to surf with a paddle, with or without a foil, as well as windsurf...

JP Hydrofoil Course Racing 2021

NOTE: 2021 product so please call us to check availability    HYDROFOIL COURSE RACING - FAST FOIL FLYING JP's performance HydroFoil board for course racing in Formula style:    Details   General...
2022Bic Techno OD and iqFoil Racing

2022 Starboard Foil Race

   From 5 knots to 35 knots, on the Foil.   Race delivers the ultimate in windsurfing racing performance. An all new Foil 100 which is extremely light for its...

2022 Starboard Ignite

What limits you from landing the next move? Think about it. Not enough pop, slow rotation, poor sliding? We developed the Ignites to give plenty of pop and allow for...

F-One Rocket Wind 135 Carbon Foil Board 2020

NOTE: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE The Rocket Wind boards are available in three sizes with a 135l for comfortable volume; 120l for the smaller rigs and a 105l as a pocket shape...

JP 95 Pro FreakFoil 2022

THE board for riders who accept no limits: no matter if you want to do your wild moves with sail or wing, there are plugs for your ideal foot strap...

Tabou Fifty 2021

NOTE: Stock is in high demand and this is a 2021 product - please call for more details     50% WIND, 50% FOIL - 100% PERFORMANCE    The two...

2022 Starboard Foil Slalom

  The PWA Slalom Foil racing machine. Push your foil to the limit with steady flights through gusts and wind holes. A new nose design for improved light wind performance...

Naish S25 Hover WS Foil Board

 NOTE: s25 is new for 2021 and stock is currently not live - please call if interested DEDICATED WINDSURF FOILING    THE HOVER WS:  The Hover 125 and 145 are dedicated foil...

2022 Starboard Foil X Wing

Hold the wind in your hands with a sail or with a wing, feel the foil below elevate you above the water as you fly across the water silently, powered...