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We stock masts from Tushingham, Severne, North and Neipryde.

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  • Tushingham SD45 Freeride

    Using modern filament winding technology, the CARBON 45 sets the benchmark for entry into the performance advantages of carbon fibre masts. A relatively high 45% carbon content makes for lively performance...
    From £135.00
  • Tushingham RD60 Wave

     At a great price with great performance mean this is an attractive product for all levels of sailor. We have matched the bend curves of the RDM with the SDM...
    From £189.00
  • Tushingham RD100 Wave

    Reduced diameter masts are often the first choice for wave and hardcore sailors. Their narrow diameter and thicker walled configuration makes them inherently stronger than an equivalent standard diameter mast....
    From £289.00
  • Severne Gorilla G2

    Extreme durability, ultimate reliability. 2 year, no questions asked, limited warranty. The Gorilla G2 is an update to the legendary Gorilla mast. Still the same strength, now lighter. (1.65kg for...
    From £315.00
  • Severne RDM RED

    Utilizing the highest quality T800 carbon from Toray, the RDM Red is one of the lightest masts available today whilst still being light enough for wave use. Adds incredible performance...
    From £585.00
  • Severne RDM BLUE

    The RDM Blue has an added fibreglass outer layer which makes it stronger and less susceptible to impact damage. Also offers wave mast durability for freeride and RDM Cam sails....
    From £465.00
  • Severne APEX SDM

    The APEX mast has an added fibreglass outer layer which makes it less susceptible to impact damage.The Apex taper has smaller diameter mid-sections with increased wall thickness for increased reliability....
    From £529.00
  • Severne ARC SDM

    Perfect for recreational racing and freeride, the ARC is our strongest SDM mast with dual outer fiberglass layers. Built on the Apex mandrel for a lighter, stronger mast. PERFORMANCE +...
    From £335.00
  • Duotone Platinum Series Mast

    THE LIGHTEST RDM MAST IN ITS CLASS The PLATINUM series was developed for World Cup pros and anyone else who expects the very best. The series has been continuously fine-tuned...
    From £559.00
  • Duotone Silver 70 Series Mast

    OUR BESTSELLER - NOT WITHOUT A REASON 70% carbon content for a highly balanced price/performance ratio. All SILVER.70 masts boast a strikingly impressive overall performance and low weight, which is...
    From £309.00
  • Duotone Gold 90 Series Mast

    THE HIGH END MAST RANGE NOW WITH 90% CARBON More carbon, better performance, higher load reserves! Made from 90% high-tech T700 carbon, the GOLD.90 is manufactured to the state-of-the-art prepreg...
    From £419.00
  • Duotone Black 50 Series Mast

    YOUR ENTRY INTO DUOTONE HIGH-END MASTS The latest beginner class in the world of DUOTONE masts. BLACK.50 is the dynamic and competitive all-rounder with 50% carbon content and a universal...
    From £179.00
  • Neilpryde SPX65 (SDM & RDM)

        SPX65 mast is now the lowest carbon content mast in our range with 65% carbon content. Thanks to the added fiberglass prepreg layers in the lamination process it...
    From £359.00
  • Neilpryde SPX95 SDM / SPX90 RDM

    The SPX90/95 masts have a very high concentration of carbon fibre (90% carbon in RDM and 95% carbon in SDM) and are therefore extremely strong. Compared to TPX100 we built...
    From £389.00
  • Neilpryde TPX100 (SDM & RDM)

    TPX performance level features 100% prepreg carbon masts using special Torq-Preg construction in the base of the mast. This unique prepreg material features +/- 45 degree fiber orientation and helps...
    From £510.00
  • TSL RDM Carbon 90% Mast - Poole Harbour Watersports
    Sold Out

    TSL RDM Carbon 90% Mast

    Probably the best selling mast brand in the UK for decades,Tushingham have updated not only their graphics but also their flex characteristics to make them  compatible with the widest range...
    From £375.00
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