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Tahe Techno 185 D

Tahe Techno 185 D

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Big volume, stable, the Techno 185D is the perfect combination for bigger sized beginner riders looking to learn and progress fast and easily. In light winds, its long length gives it excellent glide, perfect for cruising the coastline.

Generous volume, great stability and featuring a retractable daggerboard, the Techno 185D is perfectly designed to give you the most helpful conditions for learning to plane, to jibe and how to ride properly in the footstraps. Highly versatile board that will encourage the whole family to learn and progress. They are made with our proprietary ACE-TEC composite construction for durability AND lightweight performance.

Length 9'7" / 293 cm

Width 31.25" / 79 cm

Volume 185 L

Weight 27.5 lbs / 12.5 kg

Finbox Configuration Set Up: Deep Tuttle

Supplied fin(s) Select ride 46

Daggerboard: Yes

Foil Reinforcement: No

Masttrack: US Box 25 cm

Ideal Sail Size: 2.5 < 8.5 m2

Footstraps4 positions : Standard 3x position inserts. 1x central rear strap.

Pads4 pads, 5 mm thickness, diamond groove

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