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2019 Sails now in stock from Severne, Neilpryde, Duotone and more.

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  • Severne NCX 2019

    Call to check availability, some sizes may have a waiting time.  NO CAM FREERACE ENGINEERED FOR PERFORMANCE, THE NCX  DEFINES THE NO-CAM FREERACE CATAGORY. More than just race inspired, the 019...
    From £649.00
  • Severne Turbo GT 2019

    Call to check availability, some sizes may have a waiting time.  CAM FREERIDE The Turbo GT utilises cams to enhance foil stability and induce pre-set profile for power and drive through gusts...
    From £649.00
  • Severne Gator 2019

    Call to check availability, some sizes may have a waiting time.  THE GATOR SAIL RANGE COVERS EVERY TYPE OF WINDSURFING CONDITIONS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE. PROGRESSIVE FREERIDE From lightwind freeriding to...
  • Severne Blade 2019

    Call to check availability, some sizes may have a waiting time.  CONTROL ORIENTED WAVE The 019 Blade is a 5 batten wave sail with the perfect blend of power and control....
    From £675.00
  • Duotone E_Type

    The “E” stands for “electrifying”, “effective” and “easy to control”. E_TYPEs are exactly the kind of athletic freeride sails which make windsurfing so fascinating and uncomplicated: easy to rig up,...
    From £489.00
  • Duotone S_Type SL

    International press outlets have repeatedly rated the S_TYPE as the best of its class. As a highly competitive slalom sail designed for everyday sailors, it has an unquenchable thirst for...
    From £519.00
  • Duotone Super Session

    THE ULTIMATE BUMP & JUMP SAIL BEING AN IDEAL MATCH WITH FREEWAVE AND SMALL FREERIDE BOARDS Freewave boards are amongst the best selling on the market. The SUPER SESSION has...
    From £519.00
  • Ezzy Taka 5 2019

    The Taka is a special sail, designed for hardcore wave sailors. These are people who need a sail that is effortlessly maneuverable while wave riding but still stable and powerful...
    From £580.00
  • Ezzy Elite 2019

      The Ezzy Elite carries 35 years of Hookipa heart and soul: a sail that isstrong and light, planes quickly and remains ultra controllable even in themost hardcore conditions. Ezzy...
    From £580.00
  • Ezzy Hydra 2019

    Like all Ezzy sails, the Hydra is born from David’s passion and attention to detail. The first thing that David noticed about foiling is that it opens up a whole...
    From £600.00
  • Ezzy Zeta 2019

    You might remember David Ezzy’s North Zeta from the late 80’s and early 90’s. The original Zeta shocked windsurfing back then by being the first 5-batten wave sail. Fast forward...
    From £605.00
  • Ezzy Cheetah 2019

    The Cheetah is the fastest, easiest no-cam sail Ezzy have ever built. The Cheetah’s deep, wing-like profile is achieved by sewing profile into the panels, giving the Cheetah the look...
    From £650.00
  • Ezzy Lion 2019

    Quick to rig, the Ezzy Lion is one of their favorite sails because it makes going fast no-hassle. Highlights include: Twin Cambers The Lion's twin cambers rotate effortlessly and can fit...
    From £680.00
  • Ezzy Legacy 2019

    The Ezzy Legacy continues to evolve. High density Spectra X Film is now used on the tack panel as well as the use of a combination of RBS epoxy battens...
    From £455.00
  • Neilpryde Combat/ Combat HD 2019

    ALL-ROUND WAVE > Strong > Light > Wide wind range > Versatile > Stable The legendary Combat stands out as the sail of choice for any wave sailing conditions. No...
    From £589.00
  • Neilpryde The Fly 2019

    DOWN THE LINE WAVE > Super light > Neutral > Compact > Maneuverable > Heavy duty construction The Fly is a truly specialized wave-riding sail. The three-batten compact design combined...
    From £599.00
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