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Sit-on or Sit-in? We have a huge range of kayaks to fit everyone’s needs...

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  • Tootega Pulse 95

    Pulse 95 is a great all-round kayak and is not only highly durable but also  lightweight at only 19kg. Combine this with our well-balanced carry handles and you’ll have no...
    From £379.00
  • Tootega Prophecy 110

    A long day on the water needn’t be an uncomfortable one. The Prophecy range fuses performance with comfort and features that create a comfortable and feature rich kayak. specs: length:...
    From £599.00
  • Tootega Pulse 120

    Ideal for surf, beach fun, exploring rivers and lakes. Lightweight, stableand manoeuvrable this is the perfect family kayak -who says family fun has to be hard work With two full size...
    From £529.00
  • Tootega Pulse 85

      The Ideal first Kayak of a true waterman. The 85 suits riders upto 90kg so makes it pergect for a first kayak or the lighter rider how want to...
    From £359.00
  • Tootega Kinetic 100

    This kayak is great not only if you want to go exploring rivers, lakes, and the sea but also for your short touring trips or even some beach and surf play....
    From £472.00
  • 2017 Perception Expression 14

    The next generation in day and overnight touring kayaks! Scenic lakes and coastal swells can be equally exhilarating... no matter where your aspirations lie, if you want to experience them...
    From £760.00
  • 2017 Perception Wave-Sport Scooter Gemini

    the Scooter Gemini is all about sharing the fun times!!! Three's company in the Scooter Gemini tandem! Paddle with two, or make it a family outing for a small child...
    From £520.00
  • 2017 Perception Pescador Pro 10

    Fun on the water - that's the perception story. So what about anglers looking for a performance-driven fishing kayak? Look no further than the Pescador Pro - a real fishing kayak for real...
    From £709.00
  • Perception Padded Seat/Backrest

    The Perception padded seat and backrest offers high back support and a padded seat in one. The Comfort Seat & Backrest is a detachable outfitting system designed for sit-on top...
  • Perception Foam Molded Backrest

    Extra support for your lower back. Highly recommended for longer periods on the water. Clips into accessory loops on kayak
  • 2017 Perception Wave-Sport Scooter

    There are sit-ons... and then there's the Scooter! Generally considered the best looking sit-on top around… the Scooter has cool, stylish lines and comes in funky colours. It gives you...
    From £399.00
  • 2017 Perception Triumph

    The Triumph is a breath of fresh air to the sit-on-top world. Proving that performance is not something only offered in a sit-inside kayak. Evolved from the touring line, it...
    From £530.00
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