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Drake Slalom Harness

Drake Slalom Harness

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The Drake Slalom/Freeride windsurf harness redefines speed-seeking windsurfing by evenly distributing load, offering back pain relief, and enabling adjustable speed enhancement for an unparalleled riding experience.


This harness is meticulously crafted to evenly distribute the load across your legs, buttocks, and back. Ideal for riders chasing speed, whether it's freeriding, slalom, or racing. It's not just about performance—it's about supporting riders, especially those experiencing back pain, by reducing lateral forces on the hips and back.

The Injection-Molded Support is the backbone of this harness. Its design incorporates six distribution points that seamlessly traverse the legs and waist, offering a highly responsive yet maneuverable feel. This innovation liberates the rider's focus, shifting it from control to the pursuit of speed.

Ready to push your limits? Discover the harness's secret—vertical pockets discreetly placed behind the 3D-molded support. These pockets provide the option to add weights, a feature aimed at enthusiasts craving more speed. And the beauty? When freeriding calls, simply remove the weights for unrestricted enjoyment.


  • Injection-molded back support: Offers unparalleled support and responsiveness.
  • Pocket for extra weights: Hidden pockets allow for adding weights to push your speed limits.
  • Six load distribution points: Evenly distributes the load to enhance comfort and reduce strain.
  • Back pain reduction: Engineered to lessen lateral forces on the hip and back, ideal for riders seeking relief from back discomfort.

Experience the Drake Slalom/Freeride windsurf harness—a fusion of innovation and comfort, empowering riders to chase their speed dreams while ensuring comfort and support. Redefine your windsurfing journey with the ultimate in performance and pain relief.


Small: 70 – 90 cm

Medium: 85 – 105 cm

Large: 100 – 120 cm

*Waist Measurement

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