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Fanatic Diamond 10.4 Demo Board

Fanatic Diamond 10.4 Demo Board

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The normal couple of marks from the paddleboard as it has been used for a few months down our school this season.

Comes with the bag, pump and a new adjustable alloy paddle, leash so you will have everything you need to get on the water. 

This is a fantastic board, a great all rounder and designed specifically for ladies or lighter riders. It is light and easy to carry, a great construction that is stiff with little flex and a great design by world-class brand Fanatic. 

Please call 01202 700503 for any more details or requests. (new £739)


284 L
33" / 83.8 CM
10'4'' / 315 CM
5.5" / 14 CM
8.65 KG
1 X US BOX / 1 X FLY
19.5 CM
65 - 95 KG
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