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Gaastra Matrix 2024

Gaastra Matrix 2024

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5.7 | 6.2 | 6.7 | 7.2 | 7.7 | 8.4


The Matrix is your passport to a world of high-performance windsurfing without the need for cambers.

With 7 battens in all sizes it redefines freeride excellence, boasting a race-inspired outline with a wide foot and a high-tension profile.

This sail has undergone a complete transformation using our state-of-the-art 3D design software, emerging with power and performance across a wide wind range, all wrapped up in a super user-friendly package.

The Matrix features an innovative triple luff panel construction, utilizing 2-Ply, X-Ply, and Monofilm materials. This approach ensures an exceptionally strong and efficient load distribution across the entire sail, enhancing reactivity, control and performance.

With the Matrix you have a high-performance companion that offers the best of both worlds: race-inspired power and performance without the complexities of cambers.

Whether you’re gliding through light breezes or challenging strong gusts, the Matrix delivers unmatched versatility and ease of use.



> 7-BATTEN SETUP - All sizes of the Matrix feature a 7-batten skeleton with 4 tube battens. This configuration provides the sail with exceptional stability and performance characteristics, enabling you to harness the full power of the wind.

> INTEGRATED BATTEN TECHNOLOGY - All the battens above the boom feature our Integrated Batten Technology for maximum symmetry and stability. This design choice optimizes the sail’s performance across a wide range of conditions.

> TRIPLE LUFF PANEL - The innovative triple luff panel construction features 2-Ply, X-Ply and Monofilm materials, which ensures strong and efficient load distribution, enhancing reactivity, performance and control.

> NO-CAM PERFORMANCE DESIGN - Say goodbye to cambers while retaining top-tier performance. The Matrix is engineered with a no-cam design that provides all the power and speed you need, while making it exceptionally user-friendly for freeriders of all levels.

> ONE PIECE MAST SLEEVE - The one-piece mast sleeve makes the Pure lighter and improves stretch characteristics

> CROSS BATTEN CONCEPT - The cross batten ensures optimal stability within the sail’s profile and maintains a consistent center of pressure.

> RACE-INSPIRED OUTLINE - The Matrix sail features a race-inspired outline that includes a wide foot. This design choice enhances stability and control while maximizing performance, ensuring that you have a powerful and efficient sail at your disposal.


Matrix 5.7 420 182 400-430 19/21 20 7 Adj 0 RDM-SDM 4.15
Matrix 6.2 439 185 430 21 10 7 Fixed 0 RDM-SDM 4.24
Matrix 6.7 457 195 430 21 28 7 Fixed 0 SDM-RDM 4.41
Matrix 7.2 474 200 460 25 14 7 Fixed 0 SDM 4.62
Matrix 7.7 487 211 460 25 28 7 Fixed 0 SDM 4.81
Matrix 8.4 503 216 490-460 29/25 14-44 7 Fixed 0 SDM 5.03


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