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Naish Wing Surfer MK4

Naish Wing Surfer MK4

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SIZES: 2.5 | 3.0 | 3.5 | 4.0 | 4.5 | 5.0 | 5.5 | 6.0 | 6.5 | 7.5 

Designed to “check all of the boxes” in terms of performance, features, and range, the future of winging is here with the Wing-Surfer MK4. This fourth-generation Wing-Surfer combines the perfect balance of low-end power, rigidity, and twist for optimum sheet-in-and-go power and speed. An increased diameter leading edge and strut adds to the MK4’s stiffness, resulting in great stability and power. The Wing-Surfer MK4 has three long and ergonomic control handles for added comfort and control as well as an added ‘power handle’ for sheeting in hard and jumping. Smaller windows have reduced the Wing-Surfer’s overall weight with zero compromises in visibility. For those who are in search of the best combo of get-up-and-go power, a wide wind range, insane top speed, and unmatched jumping ability, the Wing-Surfer MK4 is the wing you can’t live without. 




> WINDOW PANELS: increased visibility while riding

> MK4 HANDLE LAYOUT: features 3 long erogonomically shaped handles and 1 power handle and has been strategically placed for maximum comfort and control

> LEADGIN EDGE CENTRE GRAB HANDLE: neoprene patch protects the hands when flagging the wing on a downwinder or while wavriding. The larger sizes of the MK4 feature 2 additional leading edge handles that make it easy to turn the wing around on the beach and on the water

> BLADDER LOCK: secures the bladder ends and prevents the bladder from slipping out of place

> SURELOCK VALVE: streamlined valve and pump hose locks to the valve

> ONE POINT INFLATION SYSTEM: One point inflation system provides quick and easy inflation and deflation of the wing

> HT PLUS SEAM: the high-tenacity thread strengthens the leading along the seam, allowing you to confidently inflate your wing to a higher pressure for optimum performance

> LEECH BATTENS: maximise trailing edge stability

> HARNESS LINE ATTACHMENT: easily attach your harness lines if you choose to wear a harness during your session

> COIL WRIST LEASH: comfortable and secure wing-to-rider connection


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