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Neilpryde Zone Pro HD 2023

Neilpryde Zone Pro HD 2023

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The lightest, fastest, most effortless pure wave riding experience available.

Extremely fast and neutral on the wave, the Zone will allow you to concentrate 100% on your rail work and maneuvers.

Built to handle the biggest waves on earth, you will hit sections of the wave you have never imagined possible glide through moves with ease. Pure wave riding at its best.




Centre upper panels use LIGHTWEIGHT SCRIM laminate to minimize weight while providing outstanding rip-resist- ance due to the high yarn density of this material.

Lightweight 3mil laminate with unidirectional TECHNORA fibres strategically placed in the leech panels to control stretch and stabilize the shape of the sail.

Rip-stop TAFFETA X-Ply laminate luff panel combines excellent stitch holding properties with responsive elasticity which makes the sail softer and more forgiving than regular X-Ply but lighter and more responsive compared to Dacron.


Powerfuse clew and tack are our “signature” fully laminated radial overlapping internal panels used in PRO and PRO-HD constructions.

The 2023 version is redesigned to be lighter in weight compared to previous Powerfuse generations.
The unique feature of Powerfuse construction (also shared with Radial HD panels) is how the internal panels are cut and placed in a radial overlapping pattern creating a very strong, multiple layer laminate at high load points (tack and clew) and then gradually reducing the number of overlapping layers to distribute the loads progressively into the main sail body.


Lightest Possible Feeling - Open leach, low luff tension and the Dacron luff panel combine to give the Zone the most lightweight, neutral and maneuverable feeling of any of our wave sails.
Wide Wind Range - A large tuning range that allows the rider to trim the sail for all conditions. Aimed for down-the-line conditions, the Zone rigs with less downhaul tension than other sails to allow the sail to 'breathe' when pumping and going over chop on the wave.
Agility - Light weight and extremely neutral, you won't feel excessive back hand pressure when wave riding and the sail will remain neutral even in the steepest and most critical of wave-riding positions. Moves like 360s and goiters will become even more accessible.
4 Batten Layout - 4 batten layout to provide a stable base and allow us to use the lowest possible luff curve so that the sail can feel as neutral as possible.
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