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Severne Blade 2024

Severne Blade 2024

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2024 BLADE

The Blade has defined the 5-batten wave sail category for 20 years. The latest 024 incarnation continues to refine and polish this proven performer.

Delivering dependable performance across the widest possible wind range. A perfect blend of power and control.

Both Blade and BladePro have been developed on an identical platform. The PRO construction offers the ultimate experience while the Blade replicates the dynamic performance in a more accessible construction.

Both constructions utilize GRADIENT PANEL TECHNOLOGY to logically reduce weight, increase strength, and control stretch. Direct transmission of power. Increased longevity.

The Blade features quality materials including VX2, SpiderFibre, and eM4. The BladePro is crafted in CARBON FUSION.

Total Control. The Blade is the control-oriented wave sail for any conditions.


With the new GRADIENT PANEL TECHNOLOGY improvements are obvious. Lighter weight and better stability.

Using the new GRADIENT PANEL TECHNOLOGY. Corners have overlapped panels which reduces the amount of patching. At the same time these overlapped areas extend into the body of the sail so it transitions the load much better, will be less stretch over time. It’s a more stable way of building sails.

The GRADIENT PANEL TECHNOLOGY logically reduces weight, increases strength and controls stretch. Overall weight is reduced but the more significant improvement is the feel – quicker reacting and lighter feel.

Rather than a single curved luff panel, we use separate panels – split luff – that radiate out of the head and tack corners. This perfectly aligns the sail material with the direction of load.

Previously the curved panel would have bias stretch in all the wrong places. Direct transmission of power. Increased longevity.


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