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Severne Mach 7 Sail

Severne Mach 7 Sail

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note: special 2024 sails which will arrive from June, please call to reserve stock or more information on ETA and stock levels.




The results are clear. Riding the Mach 6, the Severne team won multiple titles on both the national and World Cup scenes. Major titles included PWA Mens Slalom World Champion Vice World Champion, and PWA Womens Slalom World Champion. 

Designed for traditional full-power slalom racing, the Mach 7 is set to deliver the most significant performance jump to the Mach series.

Entry profiles are made flatter, deepening as you move back in the sail. This design tweak results in more glide and a remarkably slippery feeling. The low drag configuration is boosted by a more open area right above the boom. Altogether, this also generates less downforce on your board.

What sets the Mach 7 apart is its power delivery; natural and intuitive, working with you across a broader wind range. That means less reliance on super high clew settings and a smoother ride. But don’t be fooled, the Mach 7 reacts decisively to rider input for a gold-level performance. Race to win.

> Refined entry profile
> More smooth
> Higher top speed
> Xtended range



> Direct drive tensioners - The DDT 4 and DDT 5 tensioners directly connect the tube batten to the leech of the sail. This new design eliminates the heavy section of the tube that is needed for the standard batten tensioner. And being smaller, it has superior aerodynamics. It is used on all lower tension battens in the OVERDRIVE and the MACH 7.

> Optimised aerodynamics - By aligning the battens with the direction of airflow drag has been reduced. Clean panels with minimal seams further improve the aerodynamics.

> Leading edge - Tuned entry with a finer leading edge rotation for reduced drag.

> Accelerated leech - Automating the dynamic twist has enabled us to remove the Reflex system. The lower leech twist is now pre-loaded to mimic the twist pattern induced by the Reflex batten under load. Significant advantages are simpler tuning, reduced weight, and increased durability.


> Apex skin tension - Capitalizing on the performance and proven durability of the Apex Pro mast, more luff curve has increased skin tension to lock the profile low and forward where it can be most easily controlled.

> Spiderfibre - SpiderFibre on the leech of the sail massively increases the perimeter strength and inhibits vertical stretch between the sail panels.

> Performance monofilm construction - Monofilm Construction to maximise performance and minimize weight. Construction mimics the exact sail prototypes that were tested by our racers.

> Boom height reference - Boom height gauge for ease of reference.

> Increased mid-leech twist - The mid leech has been opened more to decrease drag. Fast and slippery.

> High visibility sleeve - Keep your opponents and surroundings in check while racing.

> XL performance - Used on the MACH 5, the XL Cam maximizes leading edge stability by allowing increased cam pressure to be distributed over a wider surface area.
Rotation is improved by the increased the leverage of the longer cam.
Mast wear is reduced due to less friction from the 8 rollers.

> Seamless foot construction - A single panel in the foot area with hidden load patches and zero exposed stitching eliminates seam abrasion and seam creep in this high load area. Maximum durability and minimum weight.

> Auto-adjust foot - Previously we focused on drag reduction in the upper parts of the sail, but with Mach 6, even the foot sections have been analysed and refined. Less tension on the foot edge combined with more forward-oriented shaping allows the foot to twist and auto-adjust.

> Optional clew positions - 


This is the recommended setting and carries the adjustable outhaul fitting. It creates the perfect balance between a comfortable clew height and leech tension. This is the setting that Matteo Iachino will use for 99% of PWA slalom races.


This setting is lower and further in. It softens the feel of the sail and may be more comfortable for smaller, lighter riders looking for more control in higher winds.

> 3&4 roller tack pulley - Roller tack pulleys are matched to the sails downhaul requirements and aligned for friction free downhauling and threading ease. Rig your sails with the Severne Hardware Division extensions for function and simplicity.



MACH7 Luff Boom Battens Weight Head Recommended Mast Enigma Boom Extension
5.5 423 174 7 4.77 FIXED RDM RED 400 Enigma 160 TRIPLE X
6.5 461 190 7 5.43 FIXED APEX PRO 430 Enigma 170 RACE
7.5 493 198 7 5.78 FIXED APEX PRO 460 Enigma 180 RACE
8.5 523 210 7 6.15 FIXED APEX PRO 490 Enigma 190 RACE
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