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Starboard All Star Airline Deluxe SC 2024

Starboard All Star Airline Deluxe SC 2024

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As a 2024 model, this may be on an incoming delivery, so stock shown may be delayed.

The 14.0 x26 and x28 models are available from January.

12.6 and 14.0x24.5 are pre order only.

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The All Star inflatable boards with Airline technology are now faster than ever, since they now share the outline of the most-winning All Star hard board. The tensioned aramid cable running over the hull’s bottom is covered by a new carbon stringer that increases both the stiffness and reflex sensation of the board.

(Airline Technology only available on Deluxe boards)

Which All Star is right for you?

12’6” x 25.5” -  The reduced width of 25.5” gives the 12’6” an extra boost of speed. You can accelerate faster and be more stable, while allowing you to do quicker side-to-side paddles changed when racing for better efficiency too. For riders up to 80kg or highly skilled racers.

12’6” x 27” – The 27” wide board has a slightly wider nose for extra pop in choppy conditions, and with a wider tail as well you get greater control and stability when buoy turning. Twin stringers on the deck combined with Airline technology creates the fastest and smoothest glide without compromising on the balance capacity.

14’0” x 24.5” – Extra fast from the narrow outline and insanely lightweight and stiff from the carbon stringer. The 24.5” is the serious racing model; a narrow width and narrow tail design is for those who want the fastest speed from the reduced wet area.

14’0” x 26” – The best-selling inflatable race board. This model provides enough stability to be in control when condition get choppy, yet it is fast and tracky to cover distance quickly and smoothly. The carbon stringer in the bottom and the narrow tail adds extra stiffness and will make you questions a hard board.

14’0” x 28” – This wider outline provides more stability so you can conserve your balancing energy to maximise your paddle power instead. The narrow tail allows you to turn easier and faster around buoys, without compromising on your stability.


New for 2024 - 


The new nose rocker of the Allstar Boards has been increased to perform better in choppy conditions as well as in downwind races. It also keeps the board from pearling when riding smaller waves.

Included on the Deluxe boards is the new Drop Fin Box. The new molding of the fin box creates 50% less drag on the board and 10% reduction in weight. 


What does Deluxe Single Chamber mean?

Starboard offer a variety of constructions to their boards. The Deluxe range is their most advanced method with added stiffness to the board to compete along with hard paddleboards. 

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