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Starboard x-15 2023

Starboard x-15 2023

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As a 2023 model, this may be on a pre order or incoming delivery, so tock shown may be delayed or available to pre order. Contact us for more details.

An unbroken record: To this day, more than 60 years after its first flight, the X-15 hypersonic rocket-powered aircraft remains the fastest crewed aircraft ever flown. The new Foil Slalom board, the X-15, flies fast and high.

Ruthlessly efficient through the air. Ridden by the fastest out there. Just like its namesake.

Board Info

For 2023, 3 totally new Foil Slalom shapes with an extreme focus on aerodynamic improvement and specific optimization for high-speed use with small low-drag foil wings. The revised nose rocker is way lower to reduce aero lift and drag at high speed, whilst a significant increase in forward vee avoids catapults during touchdown. Further aerodynamic features include a soft convex deck and very smooth exit at tail to reduce high-speed drag as much as possible. The X-15 feels extremely slippery in the wind and always wants to accelerate.

​X-15 78 takes all the development, control and efficiency gains from the new 91 and 85, and turns the heat up even further. The super narrow, smallest foil slalom board for those who ​truly seek the outer limits and yearn to burn at the highest possible foiling speeds in the most extreme conditions. The 78 represents a low-compromise approach to breaking the Vmax barrier, prioritising velocity above versatility.
Key Features
  • Areo Design - The side cutaways concept has been pushed to the max to allow enough speed in displacement mode to get on foil, so you can take off even before reaching planing speeds. The board is shaped like a water drop from the nose to the tail, reducing the drag from the water while also increasing aerodynamic efficicency. As a result, the board is very slippery and stable in the air.
  • Convex Nose - A flat deck shape with no concave, but even a slight convex for highest efficiency. Wind flow over the board is with minimum resistance and allows for higher speed
  • Recessed Mast Track - With an even more recessed mast track the center of gravity is lower and drastically increases your control. This way going into gusts or windholes unexpected board movements become easy to control.
  • Deep Cutaways - The cutaways have been extended to decrease drag before take off and also to accelerate the transition into flight mode by quickly reducing wetted surface area as speed increases.n rails in the tail section with a smooth transition to the center make for effortless turning and plenty of grip.
  • Back Footstrap Position - For Slalom speed, the back foot position is further inside compared to upwind/downwind racing foil boards. Here we are at 79.9cm wide, which allows faster downwind and reaching speeds with a more comfortable position and reduced power on the back foot.



Carbon Reflex Sandwhich 

The Flagship Construction

The Carbon Reflex construction is our lightest, proven flagship construction and has some of the lowest warranty rates in the industry. Using the lightest biaxial carbon provides more feel, more responsiveness and more controlled flex than conventional boards. On the water, this construction will provide you with ultimate performance. It delivers the most direct feedback from the foil and allows for quicker and more precise movements. With the Carbon Reflex construction you’ll start foiling earlier.

Starlite Carbon 

Performance Meets Price 

The lighest and highest value performance technology. Thanks to its full carbon bottom and a deck built from 0.6mm Australian pine wood sandwich wrapped with Military grade-glass and laminated all with Bio Resin, Starlite Carbon offers an unprecendented level of high quality in a value package with excellent finish. Starlite Carbon technology feels especially crisp with extra high impact resistance on the deck.


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