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Is windsurfing in the Olympics?

Let us help explain all about it - we even have our team competing in it! 

Is Windsurfing in the Olympics?

Yes, however for the most upcoming Olympics, 2024 and onwards, it is windsurf foiling, with the class being known as ‘iQFoil’ by the retailers Starboard and Severne.

The iQFoil class is standardized and everyone rides the same kit around slalom and race course events. The kit does differ but only for male, female, junior and youth.


To look at the equipment for iQFoil, we are an approved distributor so check out our iQFoil page

iQFOIL Olympic Racing - Poole Harbour Watersports.


Why windsurf foiling and not windsurfing in the Olympics?

As with any wind sport, the wind conditions on the day greatly affected performance and even if the race could go ahead a lot of the time (ie too much or too little wind). However, with a hydrofoil, the wind range is expanded and with less wind the riders can still achieve good results and racing. They can reach higher speeds in lower winds.

Olympic Windsurfing - Poole harbour Watersports


How fast do windsurfers go?

On a windsurf board with a fin, experienced riders can reach speed up to 30knots generally (a maximum being 56knots), however on a foil most riders can go even faster up to around 38knots with skill. This is a scary yet exhilarating sensation when riding above the water and waves!


Some of our own team riders and local enthusiasts are competing in national and international iQFoil competitions so follow us for all the latest updates on our team! 


If you have any more suggestions or questions please do let us know, we would be happy to answer any on 01202 700503,  in the shop, Live Chat, or


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