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  • Starboard GO Starshot Wave 2019

    Fun glide for flat-water cruising. Good stability for catching waves. Exciting performance once up and riding Bungee inserts – on nose for storing gear FCS insert – to attach accessories...
  • Starboard Whopper 2019

    10’0”x34”Whopper: A highly popular, stable board which surprises with incredible wave riding ability.Bottom shape: Mono-concave to V with double concaveto tail concave 9’5”x33”Whopper: Shorter length gives greater maneuverability with easier...
    From £799.00
  • Starboard Avanti 2019

    11’2”x36 Fun and easy glide, an incredibly stable board for heavier or multiple riders to cruise and surf. Bottom shape: Mono-concave nose to V with double concave to tail concave...
    From £1,049.00
  • Starboard Hyper Nut Foil 4 IN 1 2019

    The most versatile board made - SUP In waves, Foil SUP in waves, Windsurf in waves and Foil Windsurf anywhere. Foil range uses the previous Hyper Nut shape as the longer length provides slightly...
    From £1,325.00
  • Fanatic Stubby Air 2019

      The Stubby Air is their wave toy suited to travellers. Inspired by the Stubby LTD Composite version, it combines ease of use with direct responsiveness making it the next...
  • Fanatic Ray Air 2019

      The Ray Air is the inflatable version of the Ray. A cruiser with immense glide it's ideal for touring, exploring and discovering. Get set to paddle into new territories...
    From £869.00
  • Fanatic Ray Air Premium 2019

      The Ray Air is the inflatable version of the Ray. A cruiser with immense glide, it's ideal for touring, exploring and discovering. Get set to paddle into new territories...
    From £1,049.00
  • Starboard Sprint 2019

    The all new 2019 Sprint - instant acceleration, direct turning and controlled stability. A refined bottom shape with a straighter channel, flatter side planes enables a faster and more stable...
    From £1,999.00
  • Starboard Touring 2019

    Performance: Exceptional glide from a hull based on the world championAll Star design. The added rail volume provides a unique balance and flotation tocarry gear and supplies. The board pops...
    From £849.00
  • Starboard All Star 2019

    From entry level riders, to elite racers; the All Star is the worlds most winning, versatile and user-friendly race design.The updated bottom shape is more stable when switching between strokes,...
    From £1,999.00
  • Starboard Longboard 2019

    Designed to perform in waves from 1ft small beachbreaks to head high reef breaks. The boards offer fast down-the-line surfing, as well as the ability to perform in the critical...
  • Starboard Pocket Rocket Starlite 2019

    Stable short board for riders looking for more progressive surfing in all conditions.Bottom shape: Continuous mono-concave to V tail Flat standing area - For extra stability in chop. Moderate tail...
  • Starboard Wide Point Starlite 2019

    Target Rider: up to 115kgDimensions: All 32” wide for good stability. Length from 8’2” to 11’2”Key Features: Thinner rails and more pointed outline for maximum speed and control. Sharp nose...
    From £1,199.00
  • Starboard Hyper Nut Starlite 2019

    Target Rider: Riders up to 130kg.Dimensions: 2” shorter length, wide squared off nose with nut rail feedinginto wide channel tail outline. Since the release in 2015, the Hyper Nut’s stability...
    From £1,199.00
  • Starboard 2018 Drive - Poole Harbour Watersports

    Starboard 2018 Drive

    10'5" x 30"  - designed for greater maneuverability and reactivity on the wave, while the boards width increases speed and tracking on flat water. Max Rider weight: 90 kg Construction: Zen...
  • Fanatic 10.6 x 30 Stylemaster LTD 2018 - Poole Harbour Watersports

    Fanatic 10.6 x 30 Stylemaster LTD 2018

    Easy to paddle, its endless flow and insane glide will let you get creative with your ride. As a classic nose-rider, this board is more influenced by Longboard surfing than...
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