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Tabou Fifty 2023

Tabou Fifty 2023

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Note: Stock is in high demand; this is a 2023 online exclusive product so please call if interested


FIFTY - 50% Foil + 50% Fin

One single board will make you fly over the water both with a fin and a foil – the Fifty is ready to accelerate your freeracing sessions.

The Fifty is the first board that from scratch has been equally designed for foiling and fin windsurfing and therefore provides the same levels of performance in both disciplines.

A wide tail outline adds leverage for early lift-offs with a foil and enables enhanced control with a fin. Big tail cut-outs reduce the wetted surface, which results in amazing top speed with a fin and earlier lift with a foil.

The Fifty’s high entry rocker enables early take-offs as well as smooth touchdowns, when foiling and adds outstanding control, when windsurfing with a fin in rough waters.

Each feature of the Fifty increases its performance as windsurfing and windsurf foiling board, so just switch to a fin, when the wind picks up or go for the foil setup, when it fades.



> High entry rocker - Early lift-offs and smooth touchdowns as well as control while windsurfing are enabled by the Fifty’s high entry rocker.

> Power hull shape - A front V double concave to flat V in the tail lead to outstanding power generation

> Foil ready fin box - A reinforced Deep Tuttle Box provides durability and safety

> Big cut outs - Big cut-outs in the tail reduce the wetted surface, which results in impressive top speed and lift.

> MFC HF Ride - The Fifty is supplied with the MFC HF Ride fin for a perfect mix of control and performance at high speed

> Wide tail outline - Extra leverage with a foil and control with a fin is added by implementing a wide outline in the tail.

> Cross section deck - Comfort when foiling and windsurfing is guaranteed with the cross section deck.

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