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Natural Glide Zone 3

Zone3 Natural Glide is different from other Anti-Chafing creams because it is 100% natural and organic. The balm provides high-quality relief from chafing and irritation and has been developed for...
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Zone3 Swim Safety Buoy / Tow Float Dry Bag (HI-Vis orange)

note: stock is not yet live and in high demand - please call before buying   This brightly coloured inflatable dry bag is ideal for storing your kit whilst you...
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Zone3 Womens's Aspire Wetsuit

Note: Availability is to be confirmed - due to COVID-19, production availability is delayed.    Great for beginners and pros alike and backed up with a host of industry reviews...
On The Water AccessoriesPoole Harbour

Zone3 On The Go Swim Safety Buoy / Dry Bag

The brightly coloured inflatable dry bag is ideal for storing your important kit whilst you swim and for use as an inflatable buoy, for increased visibility in open water.The adjustable...

Zone3 100% Natural Glide

Developed in collaboration with experienced runners, cyclists and swimmers, the easy to use balm helps to prevent chafing, inflammation and relieves irritation. It is particularly effective in relieving skin problems...
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Zone 3 Neoprene Swim Socks

If you’ve ever worn ill fitting socks, you are part way towards understanding the discomfort and frustration faced by many owners of swim socks, which fill with water and easily...

Zone3 Swim Silicone Cap

High quality 48g Silicone Swim Cap is designed to be comfortable, easy to put on and take off and not too tight or too loose. Caps are available in Silver,...
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Zone3 Swim Safety Buoy/Tow Float

NOTE: PLEASE CHECK STOCK WITH US BEFORE BUYING    What makes this product different:   Unique design which quickly and easily gives you visibility when swimming. High visibility tow float...
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Zone3 Aspect Goggles.

What makes this product stand out: Superb vision and speed without sacrificing comfort LUCID crystal-clear lenses in 9 colour options with mirrored or clear finishes Hydro-dynamic design for fast, streamlined...
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Zone3 Vision Max Swim Mask

note: stock is not live - check with us   For swimmers who are looking for comfort above all else, a mask style swim goggle is the ideal solution. The...
Goggles and SnorkelsSwim

Zone3 Attack Goggles

Zone3’s Attack goggle is flexible in more ways than one, it is the perfect goggle for both open water and pool swimming and the soft silicone frame, easy adjust straps...
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Zone3 Neoprene Swim Gloves

The primary function of the Zone3 open water Swimming Gloves is to keep your hands insulated from the cold. The body’s extremities such as hands and feet always feel the...

Zone3 Buoyancy Waterproof Phone Pouch

note: stock is not live and in high demand    Simple solution to an everyday stowage problem Your phone might not travel with you onto the water - but you...
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Zone3 Vapour Swim Goggles

Note: stock is not live and in high demand    Comfort or vision and functionality, indoors or outdoors, these used to be a question that you had to ask yourself...
Goggles and SnorkelsOn The Water Accessories

Zone3 Kids Aqua Hero Goggles

Based on the adult Attack goggles the children specific version offers the same level of comfort and performance but in a smaller size.The vibrant blue and yellow goggles should always...
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Zone3 Men's Agile Wetsuit

Note: Availability to be confirmed - stock levels are not always live due to supply issues from COVIS-19.    If you’re new to open water swimming or triathlon, the Agile Wetsuit...