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Alder Full Face Mask & Snorkel

Alder Full Face Mask & Snorkel

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If you want a full panoramic view when you go snorkelling then a the Alder Avance Full Face mask is a great value way to achieve this. This full face mask sits securely to your face with four straps that clip around the back of your head. Because the snorkel is integrated you will never lose it and it won’t come away from your mouth underwater – this is especially handy if you don’t like the feel of a conventional snorkel in your mouth.

This full face mask gives an almost 180° field of vision so you can see the world underwater as clearly as you do on land.


  • Full face mask
  • Near 180° field of vision
  • Easy to secure
  • Comfortable


Small/Medium should fit most kids from age 8yrs up to small adults
Large/Extra Large should fit most adults.

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