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Starboard Avanti SUP 2023

Starboard Avanti SUP 2023

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The Wide Ride range helps everyone go paddle surfing and made Starboard the instant leader in SUP surfing. The trademark thin rails bite into the wave just like a smaller board and let you manoeuvre off the top and in bottom turns in ways not expected. The wider nose and tail outline make it ultra-stable and forgiving.

The thin rails mean you need less effort to turn on rail, as there is less volume holding the board back from sinking in the turn. The side fins are closer to the rail; providing a quicker response.


What is the size?

11’0” x 36” AVANTI – Fun and easy glide, an incredibly stable board for heavier or multiple riders to cruise and surf.

> Thinned out rails means you can react faster with more control and less effort, making it overall easier to turn.

> “A big board that surprised me with its smoothness to roll onto rail turns and surfed very agile for its size” – Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

> At 36” wide, the Avanti has the stability and performance to make surfing easier for entry level paddlers.

> Bottom shape for mono-concave nose to V with double concave to channel tail.


What is the difference in the construction?

Starboard not only make a range of board shapes, but the board design can also come in different constructions, depending on the performance, durability and weight you seek from the board.

The AVANTI range can come in the Lite Tech, ASAP, Starlite or Blue Carbon technologies.

Take a look at the blog we made to distinguish the construction for you - Starboard SUP Composite Board Constructions

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