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Duotone F-Pace Cam 2023

Duotone F-Pace Cam 2023

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The new F_PACE CAM is directly derived from the Warp racing program. Carrying the genes of the PWA World champion sail the Warp Foil for maximum performance, but blended with the exceptionally easy handling of the F_PACE. Compared to the regular F-Pace, the F_PACE CAM features an additional 6th batten and 2 Hyper Cam 2.0 + 2 sleeve inducers to find the perfect balance between control and performance/speed across a wide wind range. All sizes are now equipped with XPly top panel, and as more elastic it thus improves control in high winds and keeps the leech stable.

In our eyes, the F_PACE CAM redefines the benchmark of control : performance : wind-range ratio. And all of this combined with effortless handling and super smooth rotation so that even intermediate riders can choose the F_PACE CAM.


Key Features:

Reduced top roach – reduced head area increases stability and control as it reduces the movement of the upper sail to correspond to the lower drag of the foil

Reduced loose leach – to correspond to the lower drag of the foil

Short boom>< extended foot batten – the super short boom greatly improves the handling while the extended foot batten avoids the sail becoming twitchy/ unstable when flying

XPly corners – crashes while foiling can be tough – therefore we use XPly for all exposed parts of the sail (foot, clew, top)

Sleeve inducer – Best of both worlds – same rigging speed and rotation like a no cam sail; same optimised airflow like a camber inducer

Hyper Cam 2.0 – completely new and technically superior: the camber revolution with adjustable length – for optimised rotation and increased performance

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