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ENSIS ROCK'N'ROLL Inflatable Wing Board

ENSIS ROCK'N'ROLL Inflatable Wing Board

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High stiffness – fusion dropstitch technology, double layer rails
Great control – concave outline
Reactive foiling performance – large carbon plate

easy take off, smooth riding, small pack size

The ENSIS ROCK’N’ROLL AIR Wing Foil Set is for everyone who wants to benefit of an inflatable while enjoying a good board and foil performance. Discoverers love the extra padding when launching or falling and everyone loves the small pack size for easy storing and travelling. Like the ROCK’N’ROLL, the ROCK’N’ROLL AIR bears the signature of Benoît Clément and features a concave outline, giving you great control while launching and flying. The large carbon-fibre track plate provides a direct control and a great board-to-foil feel. 


Smooth riding - The ROCK’N’ROLL AIR with its concave outline provides stability and control. 

Responsive foiling performance - The large carbon fibre track plate (75 cm) provides a direct board-to-foil feel and provieds responsive foiling performance.

Eased touchdown - The nose rocker supports you in getting back to flying after a touchdown.

Comfortable pad with tail kicker - The grooved diamond deck pad with tail kicker gives you perfect grip and control.

Optimum footstrap positions - 

Each footstrap may be positioned in 5 different settings, allowing optimal standing and limitless progression.

High rigidity - The vertical dropstitch fibres are fused together with the top and bottom PVC resulting in excellent torsional stiffness. The large carbon plate on the hull brings additional stiffness to the standing area.

Longevity and enhanced stiffness - 

The wide double PVC layer on the rail ensures greater durability, longevity, and added stiffness.

Strict quality control - 

All of our products undergo strict quality control measures to ensure the highest standard of ENSIS inflatable boards.




Included accessories - 

Easy to carry bag - The bag contains all relevant compartments to perfectly store the board, pump and foil.

Double action pump - The ENSIS double action pump HP2, SUP edition, ensures a fast and comfortable inflation.

Foil Knee Leash - The ENSIS coiled knee leash has a padded velcro loop and a heavy duty swivel. At full length it measures 140 cm long. Not included in the ROCK’N’ROLL AIR Set, may be purchased separately.

Footstraps - ENSIS footstraps offer a comfortable fit, a memory fitting and a screw system. Not included in the ROCK’N’ROLL AIR Set, may be purchased separately.



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