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Fanatic AllWave SUP 2023

Fanatic AllWave SUP 2023

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As a 2023 model, this may be on a pre order or incoming delivery, so stock shown may be delayed or available to pre order. Contact us for more details.




The 2023 AllWave comes in a completely new shape. It´s super easy to paddle and catches wave after wave, whether it’s clean overhead walls, or small and choppy. Between the 5 sizes 7´9” / 8´2” / 8´7” / 8´10” and 9´2” everyone will find the right model for their skills and body weight. The two new smaller sizes 7'9“ and 8'2“ are the perfect choice for more experienced riders who want to go out in moderate conditions.


Due to the new outline and a new rail shape, the board is shorter but carries the same volume and therefore is more compact. To maintain the performance on the rail, the width of the boards has not been changed. The biggest innovation is the underwater hull: A new rocker curve makes sure the board rips in any conditions - from messy small waves, to more powerful, clean and faster swell.


The new AllWave is more forgiving and radical than ever before. The ideal board for any intermediate or those who frequently surf less than perfect waves.


Available in our VEC_Vacuum Epoxy technology.




Deeper single concave in the stance area turns into a double concave and into a pronounced V-double concave between the fins

Lightweight domed deck for more volume in the stance area

Shorter overall length for paddling comfort and easy surfing in less powerful waves, creating a compact outline

New rail shape for stability, security and clean turns

Rocker line for finding the right stance and improving manoeuvres

Swallow tail for more looseness and a better rail to rail feeling

Sharper rails around the tail for acceleration and grip while turning, rounded rails in the nose area for easy surfing




Our Vacuum Epoxy Construction comes in a complex multi-step vacuum process with reinforcement patches in key areas such as boxes, centre spine and a full bamboo patch in the entire stance area. The light yet strong construction comes with a hand sanded finish adding to the unique custom appeal of this technology.


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