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Gaastra Hybrid 2022

Gaastra Hybrid 2022

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The Hybrid evolves from an allround wave sail in the smaller sizes across a versatile freemove line of the 5.2 to 6.4 into an easy to use and powerful freeride sail in the biggest sizes. One of our most successful concepts was updated with some improvements in detail to reach even better performance in different conditions and fields of use. On the bigger sizes we changed the outline of the sail foot in order to achieve better closing the gap for pure freeriding performance. In addition, the roach in the lower leech of the bigger sizes was slightly reduced to improve the Hybrid’s high-end control. Enjoy the performance and ease of use of the Hybrid everywhere, you rig it!



> One Sail Line for all conditions - with a quiver of Hybrid sails you can cover all conditions from wave sailing to bump & jump and freeriding. 
> HD Sail Window - X-Ply in the sail window of the Hybrid 6.4 and smaller make the sail extremely resistant in hardcore conditions
> Dacron Luff panels - dacron panel next to the mast sleeve allows the Hybrid to power up smoothly
> Compact Window Design - a more compact sail window provides great visibility, while eliminating unnecessary seams and interferences with other materials
> Integrated batten technology - all battens above the boom are integrated into the overlapping panels for maximised symmetry and stability. 



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