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JP Magic Move 2024 Board

JP Magic Move 2024 Board

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Easy-going medium to high wind freemove boards for freeriding and bump & jump blasting. They excel in manoeuvres and they willingly plane through the gybe with speed. Ideal for high wind freeride windsurfing on fresh water as well as on the sea.

The Magic Move revolutionizes the free move segment requirements, targeting riders seeking a 90 to 110 L sporty board for easy and early planing. This dynamic design offers an exhilarating ride, excelling in speed and maneuverability. Whether riding open ocean swells or tackling coastal waves and reefs, it remains unstoppable. Werner Gnigler praises its versatility and comfort: “Planing gybes and effortless planing guaranteed!”

Another board in the JP line. Why did we come up with this board? What are its benefits?
Here is how the idea was born:

We have all been there: You have driven hundreds of kilometres South to escape the winter and find a mild spring breeze. You get to the coast and there are some little waves but the wind is extremely light. The Freestyle Wave doesn’t quite cut it as the wind is too light and your freeride board is fun but you’re just blasting in and out and not able to make much out of the little waves on offer.

Presenting you: The Magic Move!!

We needed a board aimed at these specific conditions and the design brief to shaper Werner Gnigler was simple: ‘Develop a new board covering the gap between the Freestyle Wave and the freeride class.’

Right from the beginning Werner had a clear vision of how to make this reality: “I wanted to use the Freestyle Waves as my starting point and adapt a few parameters to achieve the desired improvements.” Here they are…

Shape details:
Compared to our Freestyle Wave line the Magic Moves are slightly longer, wider and equipped with a noticeably wider tail with additional volume. The outline in the mid-section of the board is kept rather parallel, offering a wide planing surface. This in combination with the even volume distribution makes the shapes very stable when non-planing and lifts the rider onto the plane effortlessly with almost no pumping needed.

A unique design feature of these boards is the refined new rail shape: Lifting the apex point along the midsection towards the nose creates the extra required lift. This helps tremendously to maintain speed during the gybe and exit with speed.

Towards the tail the rail shape tapers down and finishes off with a noticeable step rail. This feature allows the use of a wider tail and still guarantees optimal grip and bite in tight turns when hitting white-water.

The shapes use a flat scoop rocker line designed for early planing and high speed. The pronounced double concave V in the front works like suspension when hitting chop.
Reducing the V towards the area between the foot straps and increasing it again towards the tail disconnects the rail shape from the centre scoop rocker line. This also supports the outstanding mix of performance and manoeuvrability.

The Magic Moves are equipped with various foot strap options and a single fin Powerbox for the perfect customizable set up.

The boards’ Freestyle Wave fins feature a lot of area at the tip, a curvy outline and a smooth, swept back rake angle. Thus, the fin provides a lot of drive and a secure, steady ride in combination with outstanding manoeuvrability.

Summing it up, the boards plane earlier than Freestyle Wave boards and are much better at taking speed through the gybe and staying on the plane during turns. Compared to freeride boards they are more versatile and loose, thus livelier and more fun.



> Parabolic Rail Reinforcement
> Integrated Innegra nose reinforcement
> Full bottom Paulownia wood sandwich construction and reinforcements
> Multiple Footstrap Positions
> Footstrap Scale
> G10 fin


> Rail Reinforcement
> Paulownia wood reinforcements
> Significant nose reinforcement with integrated Biax-Glass
> Deck stringer
> Multiple Footstrap Positions
> Footstrap Scale



> JP's fastest and most versatile small freeride toy

> Revolutionizing the freemove class

> High wind bump & jump and freeride board

> Freeriding, jibing and carving dream

> Direct feel, lively and controllable

> JP’s best small board to master and plane through sporty carving jibes



This new Wood Pro technology draws on proven experiences from the past and features a blend between lightness and durability.

Technology details are the integrated Innegra nose reinforcement working as nose protector, bottom stringers, the Parabolic Rail Band and a Quadraxial fibre construction in the full standing area. The sustainable, fast-growing Paulownia Wood is used for reinforcements in the deck and as a full bottom sandwich construction.

Size 90 100 110
Length 231cm 235cm 237cm
Width 61.5cm 63.5cm 66.5cm
Volume 90L 100L 110L
Weight 6.3kg 6.6kg 6.9kg
Fins Freestyle Wave 29 G10 CNC Freestyle Wave 321 G10 CNC Freestyle Wave 33 G10 CNC
Finbox Powerbox Powerbox Powerbox


JP’s most affordable ‘freeride technology’ comes with large areas of reinforcements in the deck made out of sustainable, fast-growing Paulownia Wood, integrated Biax-Glass nose reinforcement, Epoxy Glass Micro Sandwich in deck and bottom, rail reinforcements and deck stringer.

Size 90 100 110
Length 231cm 235cm 237cm
Width 61.5cm 63.5cm 66.5cm
Volume 90L 100L 110L
Weight 7.6kg 8.0kg 8.4kg
Fins Freestyle Wave 29 Freestyle Wave 31 Freestyle Wave 33
Finbox Powerbox Powerbox Powerbox
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