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JP Speed Pro SL 2024 Board

JP Speed Pro SL 2024 Board

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Built for ultimate speed, our new line features two models that have shattered records and pushed the boundaries of windsurfing. While the tried-and-true 45 remains the gold standard for overall speed sailing with its unmatched design, the brand-new 40 is the perfect weapon for ideal conditions in the channel. Early prototypes have already displayed incredible performance, and we eagerly await to see its true limits tested this year. Across the globe, the 45 reigns supreme on most speed tracks and holds the majority of production board speed records.

Nothing compares to the exhilarating sensation of flying down a speed course at full throttle, totally maxed out and right on the edge of control. Our boards are built for this very purpose. They’re meticulously designed and developed for those who have the courage to push their limits and sheet in, no matter the conditions. With rocket-like acceleration, a supremely loose feel, and virtually limitless top speed, these boards deliver an unparalleled adrenaline rush. Crank up the excitement by taking the largest sail you can handle, sheet in, and let yourself be consumed by the pure, uncompromising thrill of speed.


Speed 40

Years of development have culminated in the creation of the Speed 40, our fastest speed board yet. The prototypes dominated recent speed events in Lüderitz and the last GPS Challenges, leading our team riders to a unanimous conclusion: one shape stood out as superior and is now in production.

This design features a flat scoop rocker line with a transforming V from front to tail, ensuring perfect release and water flow under the board. Unique small cutouts in the tail area reduce the wetted surface while maintaining a wide tail for optimal leverage to load the fin. Additionally, a recessed deck in the front lowers the mast base position and enhances control, further amplifying the board’s impressive speed.


Speed 45

With the JP Speed 45, Hans Kreisel proved that this shape can handle and control speeds exceeding 100 km/h. This dedicated speed design offers unparalleled control and stability, allowing you to push your limits and unleash your full potential on the water, even when the fear level is threatening to take over. It suits a wide range of speed sailing competitions – from ocean to non-ideal channel conditions – and performs optimally in a wider variety of wind angles. As such it remains the all-round version of these two super small high-performance designs.

Speed Records set by the 45

100,26 km/h – Peak GPS by Hans Kreisel NED-85
91,63 km/h – Average, fastest GPS session of all times in Europe by Hans Kreisel NED-85
46,93 knots – WSSRS Open Water 500 Meter World Record Windsurf by Vincent Valkenaers BEL-62
43,04 knots – WSSRS Nautical Mile World Record Windsurf by Antoine Albeau

Both boards feature a comfortable deck shape and offer various footstrap options. The straps fixed in double screw plugs, providing a secure and reliable connection to the board, even when reaching world-record-breaking speeds

> Parabolic Rail band
> High-density PVC in deck and bottom
> Carbon Stringer
> Double Footstrap Plugs
> Footstrap scale
> Tuttlebox
> no fin



> Performance and highwind competition speed boards

> The 45 has probably won more speed events and records than any other production speed board

> Astonishing acceleration paired with loose feel with almost unlimited top-speed

> Lose feel paired with great control



High-density PVC sandwich layers in full deck and bottom, Carbon stringer, Parabolic rail band, Biax Glass in the full standing area, Biax Carbon and Paulownia Wood heel reinforcements.

Size 40 45
Length 227cm 228cm
Width 40cm 45cm
Volume 45L 53L
Weight 4.2kg 4.7kg
Fin no fin inc no fin inc
Finbox Tuttlebox Tuttlebox
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