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JP Ultimate Wave 2022 Board

JP Ultimate Wave 2022 Board

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Since its introduction, the Ultimate Wave has stunned dedicated wave sailors around the globe and excelled in wave board tests in all the worldwide windsurfing media. This board feels at home at every wave spot in any given conditions. It carves fast, turns smoothly and maintains speed anywhere from huge down -the-line waves to mushy onshore rollers. It responds instantly to rider input and changes from rail to rail comfortably and extremely quickly. The grip and rail bite will give you the confidence to push your personal limits when carving turns on anything from medium to XXL waves. It will reward progressive sailing with turns that you used to only dream about. This is the ultimate wave board!

After 4 years of development, the Ultimate Wave was introduced to the JP range as a successor to the popular Radical Thruster Quad. Its speed, early planing and manoeuvrability made sure it improved on the Radical Thruster Quad in all aspects of wave sailing everywhere from side -on mush to down-the-line perfection.

For 2022, the shape and the features of the board remain unchanged except for new Carbon side fins which are light, more durable and improve responsiveness and speed. Double foot-strap holes eliminate any chance of the straps twisting, thus ensuring firm and comfortable grip of the feet in the straps. The foot straps feature measurement markings to allow you to quickly set up your board to your perfect foot strap size.

The result is a fine-tuned and brilliant wave board which feels at home in side-onshore conditions and absolutely excels inside-shore and down-the-line conditions.

Our pro riders tend to choose this board over any other model for PWA and IWT competitions with side-shore waveconditions.The boards perform at their best in all down-the-line locations. Morgan Noireaux won his third Aloha Classic title using the final prototype of the Ultimate Wave 83.A thin rail shape throughout the board in combination with a soft tuck line makes the boards slice through the wave face providing the grip and rail bite everybody is looking for.

The success of the shape comes from the outline and bottom shape concept. The bottom features a flat V in the front, which transforms into a double concave in the middle, then into a deep single concave under the foot straps and tapers off with a gentle V right at the tail. This creates a flat scoop rocker line in the middle but keeps the curved one on the rail. The flat centre line delivers speed and planing power.

A thin rail shape throughout the board in combination with a soft tuck line makes the board slice through the wave face providing the grip and rail bite everybody is looking for.

ultimate wave fins

The quad fin setup enhances top-end wave performance and the 5-fin box setup enables tuning to personal preferences (thruster, twinser and single fin use), giving the boards greater range of use from onshore to down-the-line conditions. Plugs are provided to cover the boxes not used.



> Radical down-the-line wave board

> PRO EDITION in S-Glass technology with PET sandwich and stringers. New high density sandwich and stringers made of recycled PET

> Quad fin setup with multiple fin options

> Slotbox with fin positioning scale

> Innegra Parabolic Rails -

The Innegra Parabolic Rail works as a stringer around the whole shape, adding extra stiffness to the board. To ensure the best stiffness ratio, the rail is fully covered with Innegra, a high modulus polypropylene fiber that has excellent impact resistance. Innegra is pigmented instead of fully painted to save weight and avoid paint chipping.

> Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size and 4 screw fixation 

> Double Footstrap Plugs





PRO 69 - 220 X 53 - 69L - 5.9KG
PRO 75 - 220 X 55 - 75L - 6.1KG
PRO 83 - 226 X 56.5 - 83L - 6.2KG
PRO 88 - 227 X 58 - 88L - 6.4KG
PRO 94 - 228 X 60 - 94L - 6.6KG
PRO 102 - 229 X 62 - 102L - 6.8KG





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