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JP X-Foil 2023

JP X-Foil 2023

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The X-Foil is a true all-rounder shining in all foil disciplines: wing foiling, SUP foiling and windsurf foiling!
Shorter in length, wider and thicker compared to the WAVE SLATE or previous year’s FOIL range, the boards offer generous flotation for instant reaction to pumping and for easy take off. The concave deck shape makes it easy to locate the center of the board and to find a good balance over the foil.
The bevelled rails and tail kick help with reducing the wetted surface for easy take off and carefree tight turns. Riding strapless is the best decision when you are a total foil beginner or only just get used to foiling. Once advanced, various foot-strap positions cover all needs: depending on your individual preference the V-angled or the centered footstrap position are ideal for wing foiling, SUP foiling and strapped tow foiling.



> Perfect for downwind condition

> Shorter and wider than the FOIL models from last years ranges

> The 2 long track boxes for the plate mounted foils

> Great for light wind windsurf foiling

> Innegra rails

> Multiple footstrap position - the footstrap options offered, cover everything from V-shape, centered and off-centered positions. Ride the board in your preferred stance. 

> Long US track boxes - the strength of the track boxes is second to none - full deck to bottom PU blocks with multiple reinforcements covering our signature long US tracks for superior leverage to any forces a foil can throw at it. 

> Handle - the handle at the bottom of the board supports easy carrying of your equipment

> Foil scale - the US long track boxes allow different foil positions based on the rider's skills. To remember your individual foil setting, just use the scale printed on the board. 

> Tail kick pad - supporting and guiding the foot in the perfect position when riding strapless. It helps to reduce the wetter surface for easy take-off and carefree tight turns. 

> Tail rail edge - outstanding feature for an inflatable board. The specially developed, super clean hard rails are covered by a fibre reinforced layer of PVC cloth and creates a smooth and efficient water release. Thus, the board planes freely, accelerates willingly and reaches good speed with little drag – similar as you know it from freeride hardboards.





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