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LifeJacket SPF 50+ Sun Spray

LifeJacket SPF 50+ Sun Spray

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What Poole Harbour Watersports say: LifeJacket sell fantastic products and have a great origin behind them too! The sun gels work fantastically on sunny days, when you are in and out of the water, they last great and they are leave you feeling fresh! They are not a greasy product and we have tested this ourselves! Clue yourself up a bit more if you like om LifeJacket and the scientific means behing the gel and brand here.


WHAT IS IT? A quick-dry and water resistant SPF 50+ sun protection spray for body, face and scalp.


  • Perfect before a long period of sun exposure or if going out on the water because it doesn't come off easily giving you strong protection no matter how hard you push it
  • Our lightweight and water resistant Sun Protection Spray is designed for people who prefer a liquid spray to a cream.
  • No hassle, no stinging eyes and no stickiness - the quick-dry oil spreads easily, glides onto the skin, absorbs quickly and doesn't get stuck in hair.
  • It doesn't compromise on high performance either: rated SPF 50+, UVA, UVA 5* Ultra


  • Fresh linen fragrance
  • Spray, swipe and go (apply into your hand or direct onto the skin and rub gently)
  • Engineered using first class ingredients and formulation technology
  • Water resistant and cruelty free
  • For all skin types and clinically approved for sensitive skin


Key Features - 

> Water resistant : Our spray formulation is oil-based and contains zero water which means it won't come off easily, so our UV filters can sit on your skin protecting you for hours. 

> Quick Dry : Does what it says on the tin - dries quickly so you can spray, rub and go without losing time. 

> Liquid Spray : You wanted a spray so we made it. Ideal for scalps and any exposed skin. Just make sure you rub it in and don't miss any spots.



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