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Naish ONE Inflatable SUP

Naish ONE Inflatable SUP

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The ONE is one of the world’s best-selling inflatable SUP’s for a reason. With a reputation for performance and fun, this inflatable is well-loved amongst the most avid SUP racers as well as those just getting into the sport. The ONE was engineered to build speed and track straight for long-distance tours and N1SCO one-design racing, while still being a great fit for all-around cruising. Stable and rigid at 30” wide and 6” thick, the ONE features a second-layer stringer and double-rail construction, which creates a strong platform without unnecessary weight. Training is built right into the framework with an integrated number guide to help riders reference proper stance positions for starts, long paddles, and buoy turns. Stay ahead of the crowd with this premium design that’s built for speed. 



> Versatile Race design - fast and easy to paddle

> Rigid, lightweight shape - broad range of users

> Easy manoeuvering - fast buoy turns

> High pressure rated - superior stiffness

> Tool-less slide-in fin

> Inflatable Bag

> Dual Flow pump



> Fusion Dropstitch - superior stiffness and lightweight

> Double layer rails - greater durability and added stiffness

> Diamond Diecut EVA Pad with Micro Dot Embossing


12'6" x 30" x 6" - 301L - rider up to 104kg

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