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Neil Pryde 2024 V8 Flight

Neil Pryde 2024 V8 Flight

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Our dedicated foil free-race sail. Combining the ultimate foiling technology of our Flight EVO range with the ease of use of the V8, V8 Flight is the ultimate high performance free-race foil sail. Super-fast and stable, 4 sizes from 5m to 8m will give you the ability to outfly your friends in anything from 6-25 knots. A favourite sail in personal quivers and windsurf centres across the world.

Designed and tested at our NeilPryde Maui Design Center by Robert Stroj, then further developed through our team riders' feedback from across the world. No stone is left uncovered in our relentless drive to be the best at what we do.



Slalom Sail Speed and Pure Foil Racing Without The Technicalities

Directly derived from our RS:Flight program, V8 Flight offers almost as much speed, power and upwind / downwind abilities as our pure racing foil sail but with a narrower luff sleeve and only 2 cams.

> Narrow Double Luff Construction - A much narrower luff sleeve than the RS:Flight allows for quicker and easier rigging and minimizes the luff sleeve’s ability to fill with water when submerged after a fall.
> Easier Rigging Than a Pure Slalom Sail - With only 2 cams and slightly less overall downhaul tension, V8 Flight rigs much quicker than a fully cambered foil slalom sail.
> Gybing and Rotation - The advantage of a twin cam sail in the gybes is that the rotation is smoother and easier. This is especially helpful for foiling where every slight movement of the sail can affect the flight of the foil through the gybes.
> Foil Specific - Designed purely for foil free-race, V8 Flight takes advantages of design features which are not possible to use on fin sails due to the need for control and wind release.
> High Aspect Design  - The outline of V8 Flight is directly derived from the high-aspect design of the RS:Flight. This allows the sail to take maximum advantage of every gust and promotes maximum speed and upwind/downwind performance.
> Tight Leech Design - Since control over chop is not an issue when up on the foil, V8 Flight is designed with a tighter leech than a pure slalom sail. This increases acceleration and efficiency and allows you to use a smaller sail.
> 6 Batten Design - Since foil sails do not need such an emphasis on control, we were able to reduce the V8 Flight to 6 battens, cutting out un-necessary weight and giving the sail a softer feel and better pumping / gybing abilities.
5.0 432 160/166 32/2 3.9 6 2 400RDM 430 RDM/SDM Fixed Head
6.0 462 174/180 32/2 4.2 6 2 430SDM 460 SDM/RDM, 430RDM Fixed Head
7.0 492 188/194 32/2 4.6 6 2 460SDM 490SDM, 460RDM Fixed Head
8.0 521 202/208 32/2 4.9 6 2 490SDM 520SDM Fixed Head
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