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Patrik Air Style 2024

Patrik Air Style 2024

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Simply amazing what is possible to do with a windsurfer and the young generation has pushed this discipline to another level. This shape is not just a board with a cut nose but it is a real developed short board and the differences are significant. No matter if in the air or on the water the rotation speed is simply faster and it is the key point to pull multiple moves.



Optical aspect & Footpad:

With the new graphic aspect influenced by Italian designer Fabio Canella we are taking a new direction and be more coloured while still keep it simple.

The 6mm thick over-dotted diamond groove grip pad has 2x extra layers for ergonomic shape right under the strap and as well an extra 6mm soft sponge under-layer which makes it total 12mm, very nice and comfortable with extra grip.


A short fast rocker line with very early planning and acceleration ability is needed to make as many moves as possible within a short distance


Fast rocker line with top planning and acceleration ability and a touch of tail rocker for extra pop.

Volume distribution:

Very thick under the back strap for maximum push to plane early, accelerate, go upwind and pop.


The short length with the normal nose width makes the board feel light and compact and makes it spin faster. The wide middle for early planning and stable platform when sliding, rotate and spin on the water. Reduced tail width behind the strap for less wetted surface and better tail sinking when pushing for the pop.

Bottom Shape:

A flat panel V under the mast track for maximum water slide ability and a slight double concave under the straps to absorb the chop and slight better tracking with the short fin used.

Rails / Tuck:

Super soft in the nose area for maximum slide but a bit edgier trough the center to keep the planning and acceleration and sharp in the tail for clean water release and top speed.

Deck Shape:

Dome deck in the tail area for more grip under the back foot and quite flat under the front foot makes it more comfortable to ride in switch stands position.

Fin boxes:



All double inserts with 4-positions for anti-Twist and extra possibilities to change angle and width for different foot size and riding style.



The topic where opinions split radically but after all the proof is the choice of the pro riders and this is what we want to offer you and nothing less.

Our full deck Carbon Kevlar is lightness and impact strong whereas the Biax fibre on the bottom is giving the extra flex you want for the turns and landings.




AIR STYLE 93 - 211.5cm x 61.5cm - 93l

AIR STYLE 99 - 212cm x 64.5cm - 99l



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