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Patrik Slalom 2024

Patrik Slalom 2024

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The PATRIK Slalom gives you the raw accelleration, the control in the chop and in the jibes plus the massive top speed you need to win on the race course or just spritz all your friends at your local spot. If you need ultimate performance - this board is for you.

- Modified computer-optimised cutout contours for reduced drag, better waterflow, more accelleration and more topspeed.
- New lowered masttrack: A lowered sail position results in a lowered general center of gravity which significantly improves highend control.
- Optimised strength-to-weight ratio and new graphics by Fabio Canella


115, 125, 130, 140 – The full deck Carbon Biax with the full Carbon UD bottom is the construction combination to have the lightest and stiffest board for maximum early planning, acceleration and riding agility.

85, 90, 95, 100 – The full deck Carbon Biax with the full fiberglass bottom is the combination of lightweight, stiffness and flex for early planning, acceleration and control in extreme conditions









SLALOM 85 - 237cm x 57cm - 85l

SLALOM 90 - 233.5cm x 59.5cm - 95l

SLALOM 95 - 231.4cm x 59.5cm - 95l

SLALOM 100 - 233cm x 64.5cm - 100l

SLALOM 115 - 233.2cm x 69.5cm - 115l

SLALOM 125 - 230.2cm x 77.2cm - 125l

SLALOM 130 - 228.8cm x 80.8cm - 130l

SLALOM 140 - 228.8cm x 84.8cm - 140l

SLALOM 150 - 230cm x 90.6cm - 150l




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