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Prolimit TCS RDG Boom

Prolimit TCS RDG Boom

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The Prolimit TCS boom stands for “They call me skinny”. This is a full length skinny boom with a continues alloy backend. Featuring a 26mm Diameter with 1.8mm wall thickness made from T8 Easton Alloy. The TCS has 50cm adjustment for maximum sail range coverage. The TCS uses the unique Prolimit 2 piece Axial boom head. The TCS boom is a performance driven wave boom.


  • Specific boom profile curve - 
Wave sails are different from Freeride/slalom sails and Slalom/Race sails have a complete different profile and centre of effort. Prolimit adapted this in the complete new boom range with the UIC bendcurve, giving each individual size boom and different profile targeted at the bend curve of the sails the boom is build for. A smaller size boom has a more Wave type bendcurve, having the deepest point of the boom more in front, while the bigger size booms are slightly wider towards the back and the longest booms have the bendcurve way further to the back with a wider endtail as well giving the racing sails also the space to breath and react their maximum speed.
  • Monocoque construction
  • Axial boomfront with integrated skinny adapter

Prolimit's Bi-Axial boomhead makes the best connection between the boom and your mast. This boomhead is the industry's benchmark nowadays. With integrated skinny adapter to fit all mast types. A Prolimit original!

  • 50cm adjustment for maximum sail range coverage
  • Double Lever Pin Adjustment

Prolimit booms features a double pin adjustment, the 2 pins reduce the force on the holes on the backend and make sure your backend has a long life. Addionation stiffness is also achieved by using double pins. 

  • T8 Easton Alloy
  • 1.8mm wall thickness
  • 26mm diameter


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