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Severne Mach5 2022

Severne Mach5 2022

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Engineered to win. The Mach5 is pure slalom.

With a bias towards traditional, full-power slalom racing, significant updates to the Mach5 construction and geometry also improve performance when used on foil.

A higher aspect ratio reduces chord lengths, limiting any draft movement and increasing efficiency. Back hand pressure has been maintained, so when you need to switch on the afterburners the power is ready.

The Mach5 features an open leech, reducing drag and improving aerodynamics. The higher Centre of Power demands respect, but rewards with aggressive performance. Race to win.


What are the upgrades for 2022?

New sleeve material is softer for a lighter feel

Improved foot geometry on the 7.0, 8.0 and 8.6

Lighter feel overall

High visibility sleeve


What is the construction like?

Monofilm body – maximum stability and performance

Tube battens – high performance stability


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