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Starboard iGO Tikhine 2023

Starboard iGO Tikhine 2023

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If you are unsure where to start in your search for a paddleboard, this is the way to GO.
This perfect all rounder paddleboard has a straight outline with a narrow mid-section, so that the paddle can stay close to the board. This makes you feel more comfortable and stable on the board, but also helps you track better (go in a straight line when paddling) and glide faster.

The wide tail enables you to take a step back and make fast and fun turns, whilst keeping control. It also increases overall volume of the board for stability. 

There is a variety of different sized iGO boards; the longer the board the better the glide on the water, however shorter boards are easier to turn. Wider boards are more stable for when standing, but can increase drag slightly due to wider outline. 6" thick boards also increase overall volume, flotation and stiffness of these boards, making them a suitable option for heavier riders.


Which iGO board is for you?

10'0" x 34" - This board is the Swiss army knife of the collection, it is suited for cruising, yoga, fitness and surfing small waves. The width of this model creates the stability needed for all these functions, the parallel rail gives extra glide and the tail shape allows for easy manoeuvres on the board. 

10'8" x 33" - This board is ideal for first-time paddlers. The board's length and width is ideal for everyone as it creates a stable and comfortable platform for paddling. For riders up to 120kg, the 10'8" provides more than enough tracking and stability.

11'2" x 31+" - This is the narrowest board in the range, but offers great glide, as such if you are looking for a speedier all-around board, this is the to GO for. The + stands for the square tail shape, which provides  abundant stability and easy turning. Ideal for riders up to 100kg. 

12'0" x 33" - As the longest model, this has the fastest glide, while still being ultra-stable, giving you the most stable platform to paddle on, without compromising on speed or stability. If you are learning to paddle or trying to surf small waves, this board will fulfill your expectations for riders up to 120kg. 

This year with Starboard Inflatables, the package comes with the 3 piece Starboard Enduro Tiki Tech Small paddle  or the Starboard Lima Medium Tufskin paddle.

Another bonus with buying a Starboard paddleboard is that they have a great environmental background and incentive as a Certified B Corporation. When purchasing a board with Starboard, they will plant 3 Mangrove trees (they draw down 3 x 336.5 kg CO2, more than 1 ton, over 25 years and this is more than 10X the board’s total carbon emissions) and they will pick up 1.1kg of ocean plastics! 


New for 2023 - 

Included on the Deluxe boards is the new Drop Fin Box. The new molding of the fin box creates 50% less drag on the board and 10% reduction in weight. 



What does Tikhine mean?

Starboard offer a variety of constructions to their boards. The Tikhine Deluxe range is their performance art board that you can ride. It is the construction of the Deluxe Single Chamber model, but with colourful artwork. It is a slightly thinner thickness model, therefore suitable for slightly lighter riders and ladies due to reduced volume. 



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