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Starboard iQFoil Board (+package details)

Starboard iQFoil Board (+package details)

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NOTE: Please call us on 01202 700503 if you are interested in this package. 

This is the board to be used in upcoming Olympics.  




Fin or foil, from 5 knots to 35 knots, the iQFoil package delivers the ultimate in windsurfing racing performance with just one board, one foil, one fin, one sail.



Our most high-performance 100% foil racing board that is capable of upwind/downwind racing on a fin if the conditions get really tough. The iQFoil 95 is the all-in-one board we are submitting to the 2024 Windsurfing Olympic’s Equipment Evaluation Trials and the official one-design board of Wind Foil 1, a new visionary foiling class. 95cm wide for convenient air travel, designed to take off smoothly from 6 knots, powerful in light winds, controllable in strong winds, convertible to fin mode and built in durable and light weight Carbon reflex technology. 

  • iQFoil 95: 220x95cm, 196L

The iQFoil 95 trims the width down to facilitate transport as check-in baggage. At 95cm, the board packed in a board bag fits comfortably inside airport scanners. The iQFoil 95 also includes deeper cut-aways than the iQFoil 100 that reduces tail volume and tail surface area. This helps to promote an even easier take-off. 



For men and women in the Olympics the iQFoil 95 comes in Carbon Reflex construction - 

Carbon Reflex is Starboard's lightest and most responsive board construction; combining the world's lightest grade of Toray T700 45 degree biaxial carbon with the lightest and crispiest sandwich materials, this is perfect for racing boards. 

Instead of being overly stiff like typical carbon boards, Starboard's Carbon Reflex gives you flex when landing big jumps, spring when transitioning in turns, control when flying across choppy waters and an immediate response to your every input. 

Biaxial carbon fibres allow for control, optimisation and the addition of flex in the board without losing stiffness or responsiveness becuase the fibres' orientation is customised between 0, 30 and 45 degrees. 

A fused EPS core (15.5g/cm3 density) is shear resistant, fused and moulded individually to fit each and every Starboard mould to minimise waste.  



For the iQFoil youth, the board is in a Starlite Carbon construction and 85 wide -  

The Junior and Youth model with its shape based on the iQFoil 95 but with reduced proportions to adapt to lighter riders. 
Additional footstrap positions and reduced rail cutaway sizes improves performance in fin mode. The iQFoil 85 is built in Starboard's new Carbon technology for the highest performance at a lower price point. 


Starlite is an ideal choice that mixes perfectly performance, durability and affordability in one; suitable for youth that want a crisp, exciting, yet super tough ride on water. 

Australian pine wood (0.6mm) is used on the bottom of the boards, ahead of the fin box, because it is uni-directional, rigid and 0.6mm thick. This area of the board skin is stretched, twisted and compressed when the board travels at speed over chop, making Australian pine wood an ideal material to help maintain a rigid hull shape. 

A Carbon Innegra perimeter rail band makes the board stronger and impact-resistant;  thus combining premium technology and a quality finish into a value package.

Continuous biaxial glass fibres are used in Starlite instead of chopped, multi-directional short strand glass fibres. Each of these fibres works continuously along its uninterrupted length to provide more efficient stiffness; orientated at 45 degrees, the board is stiff but still flex and reflex: for performance in comfort. 

A fused EPS core (15.5g/cm3 density) is shear resistant, fused and moulded individually to fit each and every Starboard mould to minimise waste.  





  • CUT AWAYS - Extra large cutaways, more than double the size of regular Formula's, reduces the wetted area and improves take-off onto the foil. 
  • SHARP RAILS AND BEVELLED NOSE - The sharp rails in the tail allow the boards to get planing and reach take off speed more easily. Additionally, the board will bounce off the water if you clip the water surface instead of sticking and throwing you into a catapult. The bevelled nose improves aerodynamics and ultimately provides more control at high speeds.
  • RECESSED MAST TRACK - Deck concave and recessed mast track for a more vertical sailing position while closing the gap between the sail and the deck of the board. 
  • HEEL EXTENSION - Heel extenders are available as an aftermarket accessory. They increase the effective width of the board in the tail to add control and increase upwind/downwind angles.
  • FOOTSTRAPS - The iQFoil range comes with a the latest generation of Drake Ultralight straps. These straps are ideal for foiling when foot pressure is lighter than regular windsurfing. The Ultralight’s elongated screw slots also allow the rider to set their back strap extra-wide using hole spacings further apart. This allows the rider’s foot to shift forward for downwind and backwards for upwind, giving perfect trim-adjustment on the fly.
  • FOIL BOX - The Foil Box is larger and stronger than a normal fin box to distribute loads over a larger area. It is built using solid sheets of 20 mm thick high-density PVC with 8 mm thick carbon fibre walls, and has a flat, parallel bottom which allows the box to take both types of foil bases: tapered ‘Tuttle-style’ base and rectangular foil bases. In either case, it is strongly recommended for the front of the foil’s base to reach the bottom of the box. This ensures that the vertical lifting load from the foil will be carried by both the front wall of the box and the bottom wall of the box.



The newest evolution of the Starboard Foil's ground-breaking Race foil - the double World Champion PWA Racing foil that has won more events than any other. The iQFoil set includes the new 115 Plus fuselage to enable exciting racing formats that include GPS, Point-to-point and marathon races and a new extra stiff, high performance mast. 

Click the link to find out about the Olympic Race iQFoil


FIN - 

iQFoil 100 fin: Drake R13 68cm (men). 66cm (women)

 iQFoil 91 fin: 62cm



The sail: Severne HyperGlide 9.0 (men) / 8.0 (women and youth)





Complete iQFoil 95 packages are available to purchase direct from Starboard Distribution Partners. Individuals items of the package are also available via retailers. Please call us on 01202 700503 for package information. 


Model IQFOIL 95
Constructions Carbon Reflex | Flax Balsa | Starlite
Volume 196 l
Length 220 cm
Width 95 cm
Tail Width 85.6 cm
Thickness 16 cm
Footstrap Rows 1 + downwind back position
Fins Not included
Fin Boxes Foil Box
Recommend fin Men 68 cm | Women 66cm
Recommend foil Race/Race Pro
Fin Range 62 - 70 cm
Sail Range 7.0 - 10.0 m2
Weight Starlite TBA
Weight Flax Balsa TBA
Weight Carbon Reflex 11.25 kg


Delivery- Please contact us for delivery details/quote 

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